geometric8Getting a pool through a Houston pool builder is a major decision. It is not just about the funds that you need to spend to get a pool built. You also need to think about maintaining your pool, as well keeping your household members – especially your kids – safe while in and around it. It is a big responsibility… and it can also be a lot of fun!

So, before you go ahead and get that pool built, ask us, your Houston pool builder! Let’s talk about the crucial things that you’d need to know.

Do I need to have my swimming pool installed by a professional?
Yes, definitely. There are important aspects of your residential pool that only a professional Houston pool builder can guarantee: quality, durability and safety. Unless you are a licensed craftsman and you’ve done your share of in ground pools, it’s a bad idea to do this on your own.

A professional Houston pool builder can provide you with the expertise that you need. Plus, they know how to deal with your unique space, budget and style preferences. Why sweat it out when you can let experts do the job? You are likely to end up with a better-looking more durable and safe pool, with a shorter build time.

How do I choose a swimming pool builder?
The foremost considerations are their experience and expertise. This means that you need to look at their years in the business, project portfolio, and services offered. Of course, you need to see beyond what’s on paper – or, in most cases, what’s online.

When you can, get actual client testimonials. Ask for references or go to their website for leads. If you can call or email these former clients, do so. It pays to know that the pool builder you’re about to hire has a good reputation within your region.

It is also a good idea to ask your friends and colleagues for referrals. Word-of-mouth is probably the best testimony to a team’s workmanship and output quality.

How do I decide what size swimming pool to select?
There are three things to consider when selecting your pool size: location, purpose and users.

First of all, the size of your backyard determines the maximum size of your pool (of course!). You need to factor in how your pool will blend in with the other elements of your yard. Likewise, you need space for your pool fence and other fixtures.

Next, know what you’d want to use the pool for. If you intend to do some exercises in it, you need a lap pool. This means that your pool has to be long enough, and is at least 4 to 5 feet deep. If it’s your kids who will be using it more, depth and size might not matter much, as long as there’s enough space to wade in at a safe depth. Recreational pools can be of any shape and size.

How long does an in ground pool last?
Since your pool is an investment, you’d want it to last a long time – if not forever. Unfortunately, there is no forever and your pool will be subject to wear and tear.

Your pool is made up of different parts, made from different materials. Thus, their expected lifespan is different from each other. For instance, your filter and pump will last a decade when subjected to standard use. The concrete shell of your pool can last up to 25 years. Pool heaters have a typical lifespan of 8 years.

The key is to be diligent with your maintenance, especially if your pool is popular among your household members (and maybe even your neighbors). If you do so, then you can expect your pool to last for at least a decade. Apart from your concrete shell, should individual parts degrade, you can just replace them.

Consult with your Houston pool builder about proper pool maintenance and make your pool last for decades.

What additional components do I need for my ground pool?
The hollow concrete shell visually represents your pool – although, of course, it is more than that. You’ve got your drains and pump, which manage the water of your pool. There are the skimmer and filter that catch debris and other particles. You also have your chlorinator for water treatment. Your can get optional components, such as pool heaters and enhanced lighting fixtures. Apart from the required components, the other fixtures that you get depend on the mood and style that you want to achieve.