With summer right around the corner, kids of all ages in Atlanta are going to be looking for ways to have fun while beating the heat at the same time. If you have your very own backyard pool in Atlanta then chances are that your backyard could possibly be in the running to become a potential hangout spot for your kids and their friends during the summertime. This is good because if they spend more time at home then you can keep an eye on them to make sure that they are staying out of trouble.

Toys Are A Great Way Spice Up Your Atlanta Pool

After a while even the grandest swimming pools can seem boring to kids and their shorter attention spans. So the question is: Now that you’ve built your swimming pool in Atlanta, how can you spice it up to keep your kids entertained for longer? The short and easy answer is a very simple one: Get some pool toys!  Here are a few of the best pool toys for kids.

Inflatable Floating Trampoline


Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most fun and it doesn’t get much simpler than jumping on a trampoline. This inflatable floating trampoline is a perfect fun addition to larger backyard swimming pools. This extremely durable water park quality swimming pool toy has the ability to support up to 1,000 lbs., so your kids won’t be breaking it anytime soon. It includes a carrying bay, repair kit, and hand pump.


If like many kids in Atlanta, your kids are enthusiastic about skateboarding or other extreme sports? If so, then the Subskate could be the perfect pool toy for them. Subskate markets itself as the first underwater skateboard; however, shredding like a professional does seem to be a little trick with this unique pool toy. Nevertheless, with some practice your kids can balance on it and if not then if functions as a cool looking flotation device (what’s cooler than swimming with a skateboard?).

Inflatable Water Slide


If you still haven’t gotten around to building your very own water slide for your swimming pool this summer then this inflatable alternative could be just what you need. The convenient inflatable bases add an extra level of stability to this water slide, so you won’t have to worry about it toppling over with older kids. Simply connect it to a water source (an ordinary garden hose will do) and the built in sprayers will let out water to get the slide and your kids wet.

Inflatable Swimming Pool Boat House


If generic flotation devices are too boring then how about giving your kids their very own floating hose to play with in the pool. This pool toy is perfect for when your kids have friends over and it gives them a way to stay in the shade while still being able to cool off in the pool. This inflatable house comes with one buoy ring and one removable raft.

Interested in Your Own Fun Pool?

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