You have installed your stunning gunite pool and are having fun moments and tranquil evenings with friends and family. Your Gulf Coast backyard is now the amazing oasis you have always wished for, and you would not change anything. Or would you? It definitely would be great to go from a cool, refreshing swimming pool, to hot, bubbling gunite spas!

gunite spas

We’re often asked whether it is possible to add gunite spas after building a swimming pool. As long as there is ample space and no other physical restrictions, the answer is “Yes!”. And as you are aware, there are lots of benefits of gunite spas.

Benefits of adding gunite spas to your pool include:

  • Increase in property value
  • Relieve pain
  • Better circulation
  • Minimizing stress
  • And offers enjoyment!

Here are some attached gunite spas ideas to consider for your backyard pool:

Pool with integrated spa

This is where the spa is inside the pool and seems to be part of the overall shape of the pool.

Our pool technicians can incorporate gunite spas into the end, side, or corner of the swimming pool. But this will depend on the location of utilities and the shape of the pool. A dam wall separates the two water bodies. This helps keep the cold water from the seeping into the heated spa.

Although gunite spas are within the pool, they can be any shape or size. Different materials or plaster can work as a finish to offer a contrast between the pool and spa.

gunite spas

Pool with attached spa

This type of spa is built adjacent to the swimming pool or outside. Contrary to an integrated spa, the spa and pool seem as separate entities.

The spa can also be any size or shape. Some attached gunite spas are custom-made to integrate with the rest of the pool design, while some are built in an opposing shape.

There’s also the option of installing an attached spa elevated above ground or inground. It can also be installed level with the swimming pool; often one wall of the swimming pool acts as a wall of the spa.

Since it’s possible to see part or the whole exterior of the gunite spas, it becomes an appealing point of interest and is often finished with decorative materials like tile or stone.

Pool with raised spa

These are getting more and more popular in the pool and spa combos.

A spa can be attached or integrated with the pool. When it’s incorporated with the swimming pool, it can look as though the spa was raised out of the swimming pool and is floating on top of the water.

gunite spas

Enhance Your Backyard Pool by Adding gunite Spas!

Whether you select an integrated or attached spa, we can create a unique look that will complement your property and lifestyle. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today with your questions on quality gunite spas designs, spa features, custom options and more.

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