Backyards in Austin are always a bit difficult to plan and design. Not only do they have to be able to endure the harsh Texas heat but they also have to look good while doing it as well.

Far too many homeowners in Austin focus on making backyard areas that are beautiful and forget to make sure that they are functional as well. Remember, your backyard is supposed to be a place where you go to relax, recuperate, escape from it all, and enjoy time spent with loved ones.

Here a few ideas that can be used to create Austin backyards that are beautiful and functional as well.

Austin Backyard Idea #1: Get A Spa


Spas are a great backyard addition for a number of reasons. Firstly, not only are they a great way to heat things up but they are also a great way to cool off as well! Spas are perfect pool companions; however, unlike their larger counterparts, spas are better suited for more intimate gatherings and romantic rendezvous.

A personal spa is also a great way to deal with stress and it’s also a source of relaxation; something to look forward to after a long day at work. You can choose to attach your spa to your swimming pool or keep it entirely separate.

Austin Backyard Idea #2: Contemporary Living

Austin is well known for being a city that combines modern sensibilities and technology with aspects of nature and country lifestyle. A patio area that focuses on contemporary design, matched with a natural backdrop of trees and other flora, represents what makes Austin so great.


Minimalist, angular patio furniture with richly colored upholstery work well when paired with dark hardwoods. Pair the furniture with a spool (small pool), or better yet a spa, to create a contemporary backyard oasis.

Austin Backyard Idea #3: Rustic Living

On the opposite end of the spectrum from contemporary backyard designs we have rustic backyard designs. Rustic backyard designs are some of the best ways to compliment similarly designed houses or alternatively beautifully contrast contemporary architecture.

Finding the perfect flowers and trees (potted plants also work well) is the easiest way to start planning your rustic backyard. Combine this flora with simple wood furniture (lighter colored woods are better) like a picnic table or wooden benches. Stone paths can serve as an excellent border or a great way to break up open space between features.

Water features work great in natural backyards such as this; whether they be small fountains or large swimming pools.


Austin Backyard Idea #4: Covered Balcony

Homes with two or more floors have the advantage of having twice as much backyard space to work with. Not only is a covered balcony a great place to have outdoor seating, it is also a great place to have an outdoor cooking area (kitchen, bar, etc.).

Having certain backyard amenities above ground on your balcony frees up space on the ground level. This means that you have a larger pool, a pool and a spa, a cabana, or a backyard garden.

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