What’s your favorite part of your home in Austin? Maybe you’re addicted to whipping up tasty treats in your kitchen; or perhaps you prefer to recline in your living room and watch TV. However, our favorite place at home has to definitely be the backyard.

Your backyard is one of the most customizable places in your home. It is probably the only area in your home where you have the freedom to fully express your creativity and imagination. Here are three awesome deck design ideas that can breathe new life into your backyard in Austin.

Cozy Fire Pit Centerpiece



A fire pit can be an ideal addition to virtually any backyard deck and all it takes is a little renovation and expansion to an existing deck. An area such as this is perfect for entertaining guests on summer evenings or sunbathing during the daytime. Fire pits are also great complementary features for swimming pools and even other smaller water features. Fire and water can create a beautiful harmonizing contrast that adds character to your backyard and the pairing can even be a unique conversation piece. If you want to enjoy your deck at nighttime then a fire pit is also a great source of warm natural light if you’re having a cozy get-together with friends or a romantic night under the stars.

Backyard Bar


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Whether you’re serving up drinks poolside or having an intimate outdoor dinner, a backyard bar is a convenient and useful addition to any deck. If you’re short on outdoor space then portable roll under storage cabinets are the perfect way to keep your culinary tools close at hand. Your storage cabinets can even double as side tables or serving counters for guests.

Wood, Stone, And A Spa


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Who says that small backyards in Austin can’t be fun too? Simple design techniques, such as having a minor variation in elevation, can make a small backyard seem larger. A great use for your new raised half of your backyard is to turn it into an elegant wooden deck. Complement this with some contrasting stone pavers on the lower half and your small backyard can now start to rival a lot of its larger rivals. One concern that we hear from a lot of homeowners in Austin is that they wonder if a swimming pool can fit in their small backyard. While spools (small pools) can be designed to fit virtually any yard, a spa is perfect for a small backyard with a deck like this. The spa itself should be used a visual bridge that ties together the transition from wooden deck to paved stone patio. Finally, all that’s left to do is to garnish your backyard with fitting flora and foliage.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Backyard In Austin?

Our Premier Pools & Spas team in Austin are not only among the most talented swimming pool and spa builders in the industry, they’re also responsible for some of the most creative backyard designs in Austin and the rest of the state. What are you waiting for; let us transform your backyard today!

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