Make your swimming pool look it’s best this summer! Today Premier Pools & Spas of Fresno, is giving some great ideas to dress up your swimming pool. Think comfortable deck chairs, fragrant flowers blooming next to the pool. cascading waterfalls, spill over spas – just seriously stylish features that will make your backyard the biggest fashion statement this summer.  

Let’s dive on in (no pun intended)!



Here’s a feature that’s sure to elevate your Fresno Pool. Waterfalls are not only visual appealing but undeniably soothing. They’re perfect for lightening the mood in your backyard and will offers great hydrotherapy massage for your head a next, delivering relaxation at its finest.



Grottos are gigantic rock waterfalls, built with a small cave or hidden room beneath it, that’s spacious enough for you to swim into. It’s perfect if you want to make your swimming pool cozier and offers a special experience to every member of the family. For adults in the household it’s the perfect place for a private retreat. Kids can explore their imagination and relive scenes from their favorite fantasy stores (Like The Little Mermaid!). Base on the size, your grotto can be designed to include different features. From a spa and seating area to a built in kitchen where you can enjoy your favorite snacks and cocktails.

Putting in a Hot Tub or Spa In Your Fresno Pool

Simply nothing beats the feeling of relaxing in the warm waters of your hot tub after a long swim. This relaxing therapeutic pool feature can also enhance your Fresno backyard when well-designed. Consider adding a complementary spa to your pool.

Fire Pit
If you prefer to lounge by your swimming pool at night, a fire pit will be a great addition. It could make the perfect spot for you to create meaningful moments with family and friends, telling ghost stories while roasting mushrooms over the fire. Just be sure to include some seating options. 

Boca Raton


A backyard that’ pitch black at night isn’t very inviting. Investing in swimming pool lights and other outdoor likes such as tiki torches that decorates as well as brighten nearby areas. If you’re planning a Fresno summer party paper lanterns or string lights are great for getting the party fever going. For your swimming pool choose from fiber optic and LED lighting, anything that you think will make your pool safer and more attractive.

Boca Raton

Tanning Ledges

This luxury swimming pool feature was once only seen in five-star hotel but has quickly become a one of the favored features for residential in ground swimming pools. Tanning ledges, often referred to as sun shelves and baja shelves are both practical and visual appealing. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard in Fresno, consider adding a baja shelves. We’re positive you won’t regret this.

St. Louis

Give your swimming pool some personality with any of the above features! Didn’t see one you like? No problem. There are plenty of features that you can add to your Fresno swimming pool to make it more attractive.

Take a Moment to Go Through Our 2016 Pool Brochure, you may see something you like!

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