Skip the noisy, high priced and overcrowded vacation spots this summer! There’s nothing like relaxing outdoors with your family in the comfort and familiarity of your very own backyard. Especially when it is outfitted with a Premier Pools & Spas pool and upgraded with the latest outdoor technology!

Many of us are eager to make our house smarter but not much attention is given to the backyard. That doesn’t have to be the case. Here are six unique ways in which you can upgrade your Las Vegas backyard, making it smarter, safer and more enjoyable. Enjoy!

Pump Up The Music!

Las Vegas

Reggae jam, slow jam, salsa jam – it doesn’t matter what type of music gets you moving, there’s no need to keep it inside the house. For as many types of music you can choose to listen to, there are just as many outdoor speakers available. There are tons of, portable speakers, solar speakers, Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers and a multitude of others that can be used to play music in your backyard. Many are waterproof and can be included in your swimming pool and used to stream music wirelessly.

Light It Up In Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is all about bright lights. So, why not add some to your backyard? It’s a perfect way to brighten up around the house or add colorful lighting to your swimming pool to make it the focal point of your backyard. There are plenty of outdoor and swimming pool lighting options that you can use. Maybe you want to hang lanterns on your patio or add some personality you your swimming pool with automated color-changing led lights.

Backyard Theatre

Las Vegas

The idea of watching a movie under the stars with your family and friends has got to be tempting. Lucky for you there are plenty of outdoor screens and projectors that you can use to set up a cinema in your Las Vegas backyard. You can stream movies from your phone using apps such as Hulu or Netflix. Many projectors today go far beyond DVD’s and will dock your iPhone or iPad.

Cook The Perfect Steak, Every time!

Preparing steak at a summer BBQ can be a bummer if you can’t tell the difference between medium and medium rare. But with this small device you can tell if your steak if ready from 150 feet away. Just insert the thermometer into the steak and proceed to engage your guests in conversation, knowing that you will be alerted once it’s done to perfection!

Stop Bugs

Repellents, electric insect killers and unsightly sticky fly tape are things of the past. Today there are easier ways for you to get rid of pesky insects that try to ruin your outdoor experience. Using this cool electric device is one such way. It works well to get rid of bugs but can also act as a décor on your patio.

Make your house smart inside and out with these clever outdoor technology trends or try to find other creative ways to do so. It’s your Las Vegas home; upgrade it the way you see fit.

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