The breathtaking view of infinity edge pools makes an alluring addition to your backyard. The water vanishing over the horizon gives you a thrilling experience. What if you can enhance this feature? Adding waterfalls to your infinity pool is one of the greatest design ideas. Here are some ideas for implementing your infinity waterfall as a perfect complement for your pool.

Dream Big

cascading waterfall

Building an infinity pool in your yard is a grand affair. So why settle for small when it comes to waterfalls? Consider having an infinity waterfall over ten feet high. Creating this momentous design will require you to use materials like rocks and metal. They will not only boost your pool’s appearance but also help to build stability.

Drifting in the Waterfall

Driftwood is excellent for exterior designs. Having a driftwood waterfall by your infinity pool adds natural elements to your backyard décor. Use some evergreen pot plants or rocks to add some essence and character to your pool. You may have to use some protective chemical solutions before using driftwood for waterfalls. If not, you will be dealing with the problems of rotting wood very soon.

Mix Opposite Elements

fire features

Do you think having fire and water together is confusing? Fret not, because these opposite elements work together perfectly and improve your pool’s visual appearance. You may need professional help in building such an infinity waterfall. But the structure will remain long-lasting and bring peace and harmony to your home.

Embrace Art for Sophisticated Waterfalls

Installing a waterfall for your infinity pool will vary from simple to intricate designs. Do you have an affinity towards art? Then consider using a painting or artistic statue in your waterfall design. Ideally, sculptures are more suitable since they cannot be ruined easily. But if your heart is on a painting, you may need to consult professionals about incorporating it into your design. Statues come with dedicated holes for distribution of water. These are visually stunning and add royalty to your pool.

Broad-Leafed Drop

Leaf designs using resin and concrete are becoming increasingly popular. These seemingly natural designs are perfect for creating a natural-looking backdrop to your infinity pool. Do you have a personal choice of broad-leafed drop? It is possible to implement this idea with some professional help. They help you give a personalized touch to your infinity pool.

Tinkling Notes

Do you have an old guitar, piano, or other musical instrument lying in your attic? Why don’t you use it to create a fantastic waterfall? Give a new purpose to your musical instrument by using it for exterior design. Although you may not be able to place such waterfalls close to your pool, they do add some uniqueness to your yard. Install a water pump on your piano and surround it with beautiful flowering plants.

Light It Up

LED Lights in Swimming Pool

The effects of having an infinity waterfall by your pool can be augmented by using lights. Use colorful lights that highlight your pool’s feature and the waterfall. You may not notice the difference during the day, but nighttime will transform your pool into something magical.

Water features are one of the most powerful elements you can add to your pool. An infinity pool, in particular, requires an exquisitely designed waterfall for complementing its beauty. Using the right style of the waterfall will redefine your pool’s aesthetic and splendor.

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