Adding a New Orleans backyard pool is a good way to make sure you have good health, more workout and family time. It is the best investment not only for your property but also for your health. When you ask about built in swimming pool prices, you hardly ever get the right answer. The reason being, there are lots of different parameters involved. Luckily, Premier Pools, New Orleans pool builders are here to help out.

Built in Swimming Pool Prices

The following are some of the main factors that determine built in swimming pool prices:


What area of the country you reside in also plays a part in determining built in swimming pool prices. The major problem is labor. In places with a high cost of living, it is usually costly to hire personnel to do the labor-intensive work of pool installation.

In light of that, materials might also be more or less costly based on your location. Lastly, different states and cities have different pool building regulations, which can impact built in swimming pool prices.

Extras and customization

One of the amazing benefits of built in swimming pools is that you can control their design. You can purchase them in a variety of shapes based on your available space and your plans for the pool. For instance, if you want a pool for laps, a long, rectangular design will work well. Conversely, if it will be for entertaining, you can go for a decorative pool shape that goes with your yard decor. But choosing shapes such as this will undoubtedly increase built in swimming pool prices.

Even more essential are additional features you might want for the swimming pool. From spas to waterfalls, to pool slides, there is no limitation to the options. However, with each, you increase the built in swimming pool prices, usually considerably.

Built in Swimming Pool Prices


Another important variable is deciding on fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl. Fiberglass and concrete are very much costly. Vinyl is the lowest priced choice of the three, although it needs replacement more regularly.

Builder differences

Some builders are just costly than others, and the variation can be significant. At times, a higher cost means high quality work, but not at all times. Ensure you get an estimate from a few pool builders and select the one offering the best mix of reputation and price. In addition, before you sign a contract with any builder, make sure you check it carefully and know what costs you are accountable for. Often a supposed low-cost inground swimming pool may prove very costly.

Size of pool

Built in swimming pools are available in many different sizes. The bigger your swimming pool is, the more of everything you will require. For example landscaping work, building materials, chemicals, labor, etc.

It is quite obvious but still essential to keep in mind that built in swimming pool size will include depth. So if want to install a diving board, you might need a deeper swimming pool to accommodate it, which in turn costs more.

Built in Swimming Pool Prices

Built in swimming pool prices – Getting a Right Answer

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