The sun is out! Grab some SPF and get ready to hit the pool. You are ready to cannonball and get a tan. There is just one problem. The pool equipment is killing the outdoor ambiance. You likely have a vast array of pool equipment. While it may be necessary, it likely detracts from the beauty of your backyard or outdoor space. What can be done? Is there a strategic way to cover of hide the equipment you have?

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How to Strategically Hide Your Pool Equipment

There are so many ways to conceal your equipment. There are endless options from landscaping to ready to assemble fences, enclosures and boxes. You can DIY a small construction project for yourself, or go to your local pool supply and see what they have to offer you. You can consult Pinterest, pool magazines, or just simply check for ideas via a google search engine.

How Can You Strategically Hide your Pool Equipment? 1

How to Use Landscaping to Hide your Pool Equipment

Taking advantage of the landscape is a awesome way to conceal your pool. Create a pool equipment fence with greenery. Some great options include boxwoods, japanese holly, palms, and agave. Boxwoods grow to be very thick, yet remain easy to trim, making them great for fencing off equipment. Japanese holly are a bit more leafy, but still create a great hedge. Palm trees are excellent choices for those in southern areas where the climate stays relatively warm year round. Finally Agave, amazing for the fact that they are so low maintenance.

How Can You Strategically Hide your Pool Equipment? 2

How to Hide Your Pool Equipment with Enclosures or Fences

Building a pool filter enclosure or a pool equipment fence can be an easy, cost-effective way of beautifying your pool area and backyard space. Choosing an enclosure to hide a pool pump and filter is limited only by your creativity and of course your budget. There are many simple designs to choose from. Many of which you can build yourself. Some ideas include wood pallets, metal boxes, and wood fences with garden boxes on the outside.

How Can You Strategically Hide your Pool Equipment? 3

What about Screens and Walls?

Screens are amongst the most cost effective way to hide your pool filter and pump. You can easily purchase ready made pool equipment fence and screen made of plastic, wood, or metal. This may not be the most creative or beautiful option there is available. However, it gets the job done. Some pool owners choose to build a wall around their pool equipment. Some have re-purposed barn doors, reclaimed wood, and more to create a divide between their pool equipment and their outdoor entertaining space. This can be a gorgeous option . It also does not have to cost a lot of money.

As you can see there are many different options available to you . However you decide to move forward with your backyard project is up to you and your creative mind. All that matters is that very soon your backyard will be entertainment ready and you can relax and enjoy the summer poolside with your loved ones.

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