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How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump For?

One question that seems to puzzle almost all pool owners in Redding is about their pool circulation system. But again, this might also be one aspect which most people take it for granted. We are talking about your pool pump, and particularly about the right amount of time you have to keep it running. So,

Customize Your Swimming Pool to Have a Swim-up Bar

As an owner of a residential backyard pool, you know how hard it is to end your swim time for the day. Spending hours in your pool without ever having to leave it might be your dream, but you will need to get out eventually. Even if you postpone everything in favor of your uninterrupted

There are Major Benefits to Spas Especially ones with Hydrotherapy Jet

Hydrotherapy spas, which are now becoming popular, are nothing new. They have been in use for ages in Greek, Roman, and Arab civilizations. They make for great spots for enjoyment and relaxation. Additionally, spas also have properties to help treat certain diseases. In many cases, hydrotherapy spas reduced people's skin issues and circulatory problems, among

How Often Do I have to Replace a Pool Filter?

One of the most important aspects of pool repairs is the pool filter. Usually, the material used to make these is corrugated paper or polyester cloth. They can filter the water in the pools of up to 30,000-gallon capacity. These cartridges get clogged or dirty with time as they work to keeping your swimming pool

10 Swimming Pool Games to Try Out in Your Pool This Summer

Summer is here and you want to spend as much time as possible in your Redding pool. Indeed, swimming is a relaxing activity as it is, but to make it more exciting, you can play awesome swimming pool games. And you can multiply this fun when you get your friends and family to participate. So,

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