If you want to use pool workouts to get fit in Charlotte, you can make it happen without high impact exercises that could hurt your knees and other joints. In this article, we are going to talk about how to use pool workouts to get toned.

pool workouts

Pool Workouts to Tone & Tighten

Pool workouts aren’t just for the elderly or injured. Anyone can benefit from working out in the pool. Working out in the pool means you are going to be able to get a good workout in without having to sweat yourself to death. You will be able to keep cool in the pool while you are keeping up your activity.

#1 – Leg Lifts

To get in position, go to the side of the pool and put your arms out to the side and resting on the poolside. Once you have relaxed and are comfortable, put your legs together and slowly lift them toward the surface of the water and slowly back to the bottom of the pool where your feet make contact once again. Do this as many times as you can comfortably then take a rest and do another set.

#2 – Side to Sides

Go into the water almost covering your shoulders. Put your hands together and your arms stretched out straight. Your feet should be firmly on the ground with your feet more than shoulder length apart. Now with your arms almost in a locked position, move your hands to the right side, back to the middle and then over to the left side, back to the middle and over to the right. Repeat this ten times, rest and do another set.

#3 – Marching in Place

Get your steps in while you’re in the water. March in place for as long as you’d like and rack up the steps. If you get too bored, you can put some music on or let a video play on a projector so you can be entertained while you are keeping up with your stepping. While marching in place doesn’t seem to take a lot of effort, it does burn calories and tones your muscles. This is especially true when you are marching in place in the water.

pool workouts

Working Out In Your Pool

The more convenient pool workouts are, the more likely you are to do the pool workouts. If you have to drive to a gym or you have to go to a friend’s house to do your workout, it is unlikely for you to keep up with your routine. If you want to keep up with your routine, you may want to think about getting your own swimming pool so you can do your pool workouts with ease.

pool workouts

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