If you want to have a chlorine-free pool built in your Boise backyard, it may be a difficult decision for you to make. Some people don’t like the smell of chlorine in swimming pool water. Therefore they prefer the beach over a swimming pool. Moreover, chlorine may cause skin irritation in some people. It can be a great idea to go for a chlorine-free pool.

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What is a natural pool?

A natural swimming pool is a great alternative to a chlorine-based pool. These pools use different cleaning systems instead of chlorine. That is why these pools are known as natural pools.

Salt water pools

Saltwater swimming pools can be a great choice as they don’t use chlorine. However, chlorine is produced through electrolysis and this process may trigger a chemical reaction. These swimming pools are comparatively expensive but easy to maintain.

The good thing is that these pools can stay clean without the use of a lot of chlorine. These types of pools also use mineral systems just like a saltwater system. In this type of swimming pools, magnesium is added instead of chlorine.

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Ozone systems

An ozone system uses UV light or electricity to produce ozone. Although this system consumes a lot of energy, it is one of the safest systems for cleaning swimming pools. Therefore, many of today’s water treatment plants use ozone systems.

Pool ionizers

This system uses pool ionizers that add silver and copper ions to the swimming pool water via an electrical charge or filtration. This type of filtration reduces the number of bacteria in the pool. Aside from this, it does not require you to use chemical treatments either.

Plants in your pool

Although the above-mentioned pools are considered natural pools, they are not actually true natural pools. A chlorine-free pool or natural swimming pool won’t use any type of artificial systems for cleaning. Instead, they use plants for the purpose of filtration and maintenance.

In most natural swimming pools, you have two areas. One area is like a normal pool and the second area is called regeneration area with different types of plants in it for cleaning the water. Most homeowners use decorative plants to make their swimming pools look more pleasing.

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