Building a pool in your backyard is an exciting investment to make. But, you must consider factors such as the, design, and interior finish. If you plan a concrete or gunite pool, options are galore. It offers versatility to pick any standard or custom shape. After all, you need a perfect swimming pool that complements your backyard.

Here are the options that you can choose:

Freeform Pools

If you have nature-oriented backyard landscape, freeform pools are a perfect choice. They can practically fit any space because freeform pools aren’t restricted by hard angles or straight lines. You can choose natural shapes and lagoon styles decked with natural rock features to create a perfect ambiance in your backyard.

best pool shape

Rectangular Pools

Undoubtedly, rectangular pools are the most obvious and popular choice of swimming pools. This type of pool complements a geometric landscape. Depending on your design preferences, you can either keep hard angles on the pool’s edge or round off the corners to soften its appearance. They need wide perimeter footage to construct the pool and make it accessible for maintenance as well.

Kidney-Shaped Swimming Pools

With a complete lack of sharp angles and corners, Kidney shape is the best pool shape for a contemporary home. It works best for a backyard that doesn’t have sharp geometric lines. A kidney-shaped pool is a versatile option for the homeowners who want additional features such as a sun shelf or pool bench hugged outside the pool perimeter. The deep and shallow ends of the pool are clearly marked to make this pool a safer option for families with kids.

L-Shaped Poolsbest pool shape

Whether you need a pool to swim your laps or dive, L-shaped pools suffice all needs. In this shape, a small section of the pool extends from the main section to allow space for young ones and lap swimmers alike. L-shaped pools also provide a natural and gradual slope from shallow to deep ends. This makes it safe for swimmers of all ages.

Classic Grecian and Roman Shaped Pools

Many pool owners find classic Grecian and Roman pools an upscale addition to their home. The Grecian-shaped pools are rectangular with modified and angled corners. On the other hand, Roman-shaped pools have curved edges. You can choose either of them and add your own personal style to create a custom pool shape. Both Roman and Grecian pools complement classical landscaping and architecture.

best pool shape oval

Oval-Shaped Pools

Due to its simplicity, many homeowners prefer an oval-shaped pool as well. It creates a slightly lesser formal look for your backyard. There are no sharp edges to worry about. If you want a simple pool that merges with the existing space in your backyard, you can opt for oval shape.

There is no definitive guide to choosing the best pool shape. Each shape comes with its own unique benefits. The selection must depend on your personal preferences, needs, and available space in your backyard. If you are confused, take help from professional pool contractors in Boise for their suggestions.

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