Enjoying summer days can be a treat! But if your Austin outdoor space is not protected from the sun, the heat and glare can make hanging outside uncomfortable. Shade structures in your outdoor space create comfy areas for relaxing, reading or dining. Based on your needs, you can use temporary shade structures that offer more flexibility. You can also go for permanent solutions to incorporate into the design of your patio and deck.

shade structures

Keep cool this summer season with these shade structures in your backyard.


If you’re planning to on entertain adult guests outside, cabanas are a good option. These shade structures often integrate hammocks, bars, or other island-style facilities to turn your outdoor space into a mini-haven. You can also use cabanas close to pools or spas as a changing space for a bit of added privacy.


With an array of designs, colors, and materials on the market, umbrellas are simple, portable shade choices. These shade structures are simple to move about. You can also angle them to the position of the sun at any time of day.

Other smaller lightweight choices are market umbrellas. These look good and are ideal for small spaces over backyard surroundings or chairs. It’s simple to adjust their height and fold them up when you do not require them.

shade structures

On the other hand, cantilever umbrellas are more durable and designed to cover bigger spaces. They feature a strong metal stand and are perfect for offering shade to spas and courtyards or smaller decks and kiddie pools.


If you’re looking to add freestanding shade structures to your Austin outdoor space that as well adds a decorative touch, a gazebo might be the best option. They come in a range of styles. Their roof keeps you shaded from the sun rays while its open structure lets you enjoy the surrounding landscape. You can attach your gazebo to your deck or place it in your garden to make a shaded dining space. These structures are often created from wood; however, you can get vinyl designs as well.

Shade Sails:

These structures are great for larger spaces such as decks, pools, and patios. They are a flexible choice since you can construct them in the summer season and dismantle them over the winter season. Shade sails have a unique shape, which makes them a great design feature. In addition, these shade structures are simple to install and customize to fit your area’s size.

Created from PVC or fabric, shade sails can to stand up to lots of pressure. It’s easy to tighten them so they do not get blown away by the wind.


The simplest way to build a permanently shaded space in your Austin outdoor space is to construct a pavilion. This big freestanding structure is usually installed a few meters from the main house. You can use it as a more luxurious outdoor living space. You can incorporate an entertainment center, fireplace, or kitchen to your outdoor pavilion while enjoying protection from the scorching sun.

shade structures

Shade Structures – Conclusion

You can extend the period of time you can spend outside by adding shade structures to your Austin backyard. The best shade canopy for you depends on what you want to shade and the limitations of your pace. An expert at Premier Pools & Spas of Austin will help you determine which shade will suit your needs and give you the fun you want. Contact us today!

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