Are you constructing a new pool area or renovating a previous one? One important feature you will have to think about is the pool deck. While the design of the pool itself can add significantly to the beauty of your St. Louis home, the deck that frames pool is just as important.

Versatile concrete gives you many pool deck options to consider before settling on the one that best fits the vision you have in mind. With the right deck you can make the space unique, functional and visually appealing.


The Latest Trends St. Louis Concrete Pool Deck Finishes

Chances are any pool deck you choose will have a reinforced concrete sub-deck. Give concrete a second thought, however, as the material to construct the visible portion of your deck, as well. In St. Louis, concrete decks can be constructed with wide variations in finishes. The styles include:

Patio pavers

Generally available in brown or red, these interlocking stones can form interesting random patterns on your pool deck. They are laid on a sub-deck of 6-inch stone dust covered with a 1-inch thick layer of polymer sand.

Salted concrete

St. Louis

Rock salt is the secret behind the pock marks that are beautifully displayed on a salted concrete deck. The salt is pressed into the freshly prepared cement of the deck which is given a power wash a day later to reveal the telltale design.

Polished concrete

The concrete is given a high gloss shine and may get an even more decorative look with the inclusion of colorful aggregate. Maintenance includes have the deck sealed on a regular basic to ensure it retains its beauty and durability.

Tiled concrete – The “tiles” are actually stenciled onto the concrete to achieve any pattern you desire. The process is done using tape to mark out the pattern, covering the deck with a second layer of cement and then removing the tape.

Engraved concrete

A special saw is used to etch the chosen pattern into the concrete. This technique can produce very intricate designs, giving the deck a truly custom-made feel.

Exposed aggregate

With this type of concrete deck, you get a slip-resistant pebble-like finish. The decorative aggregate can be paired with stones of contrasting color. Buffing gives the completed deck a brilliant finish.

Sandblasted concrete


The result will be similar to having the pool deck acid washed, but the process is much easier. The textured finish provides “grip” as you walk and allows for the deck to be stained or colored to suit your taste.

Stamped concrete

Your concrete deck can be stamped to look like it’s made of wood, brick, flagstone, shells, tile or any of a wide variety of other materials. You get the look of a more expensive deck at a much lower cost.

Colored concrete

A dye, powder or acid stain can be used to add intriguing colored patterns to your concrete deck. The finished deck can be made to have the look of stone, tanned leather or stained wood, among other variations.

Form-fitting concrete pool decks accommodate your pool’s distinctive size and shape. Explore the different options and the opportunity each presents to help you realize your dream of the perfect St. Louis pool deck.

Before you go check out this fabulous video with loads of inspirational ideas to get you started on designing your own pool deck.