Concrete Pools vs. Fiberglass Pools

There are certain companies that are sticking with the traditional methods of concrete swimming pools or gunite swimming pools. Concrete vs. Fiberglass 1In an effort to steer you toward the gunite option, these pool companies may misinform you of the benefits of fiberglass pools. Premier Pools and Spas is here to clear up any misconceptions about fiberglass pools and the benefits they can provide for you and your family. In this dispute of concrete vs. fiberglass, let’s talk about the myths that have been told and some correct answers instead of misinformed ones.

  1. Fiberglass pools do not work in soil – One of the first myths is that fiberglass pools do not work well in certain soil. This is completely false. Fiberglass pools are actually a perfect fit for soil conditions due to the fact that they’re strong, reliable and even repairable.
  2. Fiberglass pools are ugly – 20 years ago they may have been unsightly, but they have come a long way. Browse some pictures and we will let you judge for yourself. A fiberglass pools can be shaped and designed however you want it to look. There are also so many options you can choose phoenixfrom, you can have a completely original design and structure that you want to fit the theme of your backyard.
  3. Fiberglass pools float – Fiberglass, concrete, really any vessel of those sorts will float. When built properly, well maintained, and filled with water, swimming pools should never float. Premier Pools and Spas has never experienced a floating swimming pool in all our time in business.
  4. Fiberglass pools are not repairable – You can most definitely repair a fiberglass swimming pool. If you want to remodel or fix something that is damaged they can be repaired to your liking. They are not indefinitely in the ground without the ability to be removed.
  5. Fiberglass pools only work in warm climates – Fiberglass swimming pools actually work in all weather climates. If you maintain them correctly they will not be damaged in the winter months. This is why Premier Pools and Spas suggests following our closing for the winter list and pool covers.

Fiberglass swimming pools are very reliable and can be the perfect fit for your backyard. Out of the thousands of designs you can choose from, there is the perfect swimming pool for you and your family. In this discussion of concrete vs. fiberglass, both win. Don’t get caught up in the myths that other pool companies will tell you about fiberglass. If you have questions and want to know which pool material would be best for your backyard, give Premier Pools & Spas a call today!

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