If you want that lavish feel in your home in San Diego, consider designing a contemporary pool. Contemporary pool designs are available in all different sizes and shapes. These pools are often quite modern looking than traditional pools. These pools have firm edges and a classy appearance. Contemporary pool designs are a bit more costly than traditional ones. If you want to enhance your home’s aesthetic, building a contemporary pool in your outdoor space is a wise decision. In addition, you can customize your pool’s features the way you desire.

contemporary pool designs

Contemporary pool designs often fit in well with homes made up of a lot of exterior angles; popular with contemporary architectural designs. Your property’s style will determine whether this type of pool is perfect for you.

Another thing to consider is what features you want to surround your contemporary backyard pool. You need to be focusing on keeping up with the same aesthetic of the lavish ambiance of your outdoor space, home, and property in San Diego. That uniformity will be ideal for establishing your home to be the new hot spot.

Features of Contemporary Pool Designs:

1. Add Movement and Sound through Water Features

You can transform any backyard pool into a stunning work of art by adding water features. Each feature can enhance or create a preferred atmosphere. The water features will also create a center of interest in your outdoor space. Stylish sheer waterfalls have become an important feature in contemporary pool designs, although waterfalls, bubblers, and deck jets are always a hit.

contemporary pool designs

2. Customize Designs with Pool Finishes

For years, aggregate pool finishes have been a popular trend! But what is really exciting pool lovers nowadays are glass tiles. These tiles can play with the light in such a manner they provide the impression a pool has greater depth than it truly does. In contrast to popular belief, glass tiles are very durable and long lasting.

3. Getting Creative with Built-ins

Incorporated features include swim-up bars, custom entries, and tanning edges. Not only will the features add a lot of enjoyment to your backyard oasis, but they will also add better functionality. A great example of this is the gradually sloping beach front entry. Most contemporary pool designs have this kind of entry not only because it will increase the pool’s overall aesthetic appeal, but it will also enhance access to the pool.

4. Set the Scene with Coping and Decking

Patios and decks are an extension of the house and will contribute to the ambiance of your outdoors.  Pool deck pavers continue to be the best option for homeowners since they are low-cost, comfortable, and long-lasting. You can also find them a range of materials to suit your budget and style.

contemporary pool designs

Contemporary Pool Designs – Hire the Pros!

When you are designing, there are lots of choices you can consider from slides to rock grottos, waterfalls, and much more. When considering the contemporary pool designs, you will see they’re more minimalistic rather than all of the add-ons, bells, features, and whistles. That does not mean that you cannot add anything you want to your contemporary pool designs. If you need help getting started, contact Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego today!

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