There’s nothing your little ones will enjoy more than water play on a hot day – that’s unless it a pool party! So, in this post we’re bringing you a few DIY ideas and tricks to help you earn the “cool parent” tittle this summer. It’s time to invite the kids on the block over and bring out your creativity. Swimming pools games aren’t the only way you can make your party fun. From fun DIY swimming pool toys to colorful tasty treats, you’re about to discover some new, affordable and amazing ideas to host the ultimate summer pool party for your kids:  

Snack Bar With Tasty Treats


Yum!  Snacks are a must have at a kids pool part. With your DIY Miami pool party, get a bit creative and prepare a colourful snack bar the kids won’t be able to stay away from. Arrange some fruits, celery, salad skewers, strawberry fruit rolls and other heathy treats that will keep their energy up while they enjoying themselves. Also before they melt from the sizzling summer heat, serve up some kiwi or water melon pops.  Popsicles are excellent treats to keep them cool down in the heat! Check out the ingredient here.

Rainbow Water Sponge Toys

These colourful, but simple toys, will make a great addition to your party. They may look like they came straight out of Toys R Us but, all it takes is a few colourful kitchen sponge, good scissors and some zip ties. Check out this video on how to make these toys.

Fun Water Balloon Piñatas


There is no rule that a piñata has to contain toys and sweets. A great alternative for your Miami DIY party are water balloon piñatas. These great for keeping the kids cool when there on a snack break outside of the pool or to engage them in a fun wet and wild game that will keep the party energy going. Here’s a tutorial on how to make these Water Balloon Piñata.

DIY Toy Boats

Creating these toys is not only a great way to make your guests enjoy the party, it’s also a good excuse to spend time with your kids…you can make them together in preparation for the party. Plus, there pretty easy to make. Find out how to over here.

Colorful Pool Chairs for Your Miami Guests


How amazing is this idea! If you have a few plastic chairs laying around the house but not sure what to do with them, this is a great way to use them. Just remove the legs, paint them in bright summery colors and leave it to dry. Arrange them in a safe area on the day of your pool party and: hooray! Guests can dangle their legs in, be social with the swimmers and even act as supervision for smaller children.

These are just a few fun ideas that you can try for you Miami DIY party. You can also check out this post for more Swimming Pool Party Ideas that your kids will love.

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