Encino residents love having their pool lighting set masterfully and if you want to make sure you are keeping up with your neighbors, you are probably looking for ideas on how to make your pool lighting look amazing. Pool lighting can help you make your pool have a different look whenever you want to change the colors or if you decide on keeping your pool the same but with your favorite color, you can enjoy that look all of the time. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas you can use with your pool.

Pool Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard

As you are fixing up your backyard and you have a pool, one of the biggest ways to change the look of your pool is by changing or adding the pool lighting. This could be in the pool lighting or out of the pool lighting. Fixing the lighting so that it will complement the way you use your pool is the best idea.

Lighting Your Way to the Pool

pool lighting

Photo courtesy of prestigelandscaping.us

Let’s say that you have a walkway that goes to your swimming pool. You may want to add light to go to the pool so you are able to see well when you are walking to your pool at dusk or dark. You want to keep safety in mind as well as design when you are setting up your pool lighting.

When you are placing your lighting, you want to make sure they are placed no more than 16 ft apart as this is going to be the farthest they can be apart and still be effective. If you have trees around your pool, you can use them to hold your lights and make the pattern along your pool. Downlights in tall trees or any other object you have that is up high can be a great way for you to light your way.

Fire Pits & Tiki Torches

pool lighting

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Fire pits and tiki torches are a great way to be able to do above ground lighting without having to do anything too fancy. While they still look great, they aren’t going to cost a great deal or be hard to install. Gas torches give off a beautiful fluttering flame and allow you to get the lighting that you want with a romantic flare.

On Top of Your Lighting

pool lighting

Photo courtesy of jburgh.org

An easy way to add pool lighting and some fun is to be able to put floating lights on top of your pool surface. There are plenty of different designs you can put in the pool. There could be jellyfish, pods, circles, candles and almost anything else you can imagine.

Pool Lighting Conclusion

Whatever you want to do with your pool lighting, you should speak with a pool professional to see how it can be implemented in your pool. If you have any questions about how or where you should put the lighting into your pool, we will be glad to help you. Give us a call to get started.

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