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Building a swimming pool in your backyard is a great addition for many homeowners. Owning a swimming pool is the perfect way to cool off and have fun. Sometimes, you hear kids say their eyes are irritated, burning, or itchy. It may fade over time, but in some cases it persists. So, how do pools burn your eyes? How can you prevent this from happening? And how can you treat the problem?

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Why do your eyes burn after swimming?

One of the main reasons your eyes burn after swimming in a pool is because of the chlorine balance. Generally, swimming pools are sanitized with chlorine or salt-water generators. Keeping your swimming pool properly sanitized is important because it eliminates the bacteria from your swimming pool. Chlorine essentially affects the protective layer in your eye and once air hits your eye it becomes dry and irritated.

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How to prevent your eyes from burning again

Remember, if you wear contacts, take them out before you go swimming. Contacts can be manipulated out of shape by any pool water or lost, potentially causing harm to your eyes. To protect your eyes against chlorine, the best solution is to wear goggles. You may be a frequent swimmer who can tolerate the burning from chlorine, but you should understand that your eyes are still irritated from the breakdown of the tear layer. Even if you don’t feel the pain, you should still protect your eyes with goggles. If you choose to swim without goggles, there are anti-inflammatory eye drops that can help prevent your eyes from burning again.

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