With summer behind us now and fall gearing up into full swing, the inevitable changes that your yard is going through might seem overwhelming at first. However, here at Premier Pools & Spas St. Louis, we are happy to tell you that managing your yard and its changes don’t have to be stressful.

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Here are a few tips that we have found that can simplify your fall landscaping projects in St. Louis, as well as make your fall decor flow seamlessly with your swimming pool and the rest of your backyard. However, most importantly they will have you spending less time working and more time relaxing so that you can fully enjoy all the season has to offer

Synchronize The Natural And Artificial Parts Of Your St. Louis Backyard

Most St. Louis homeowners will try their best to coordinate the different types of foliage in and around their backyard. Likewise, they will also try their best to coordinate the different types of furniture and finishes in and around their backyard as well. However, what many homeowners sometimes fail to do is coordinate the natural and artificial parts of their backyard.

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Using furniture and backyard finishes that have yellow, orange, and brown shades is perfect for the fall season. For this reason, natural woods are perfect for chairs and seats, tables, and other decorations and fittings. On the other hand, yellows and oranges are better suited to be the colors chosen for accents such as pillows, flowerpots, and other decorations.

Greens are probably one of the safest colors to go with since they not only fit in great during the seasons of spring and summer, with the right combination of other shades and hues they can be made to work even in fall and winter as well. Therefore, greens are good year-round colors for your backyard. However, if the foliage in your backyard is already full of the obviously common shades of green then you may want to instead use the aforementioned complimentary browns or the striking yellows and oranges to offset this.

Likewise, variety in the flowers and foliage in your backyard should not be forgotten. Many trees in St. Louis naturally shift the colors of their leaves from green to orange, yellow, and brown for the fall season – so try letting some of the other foliage in your St. Louis backyard mimic this.

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Flowers are the easiest way to accomplish this without going overboard. Flowering plants will generally have the usual green leaves to match the rest of the foliage in your backyard; however, when it comes to the flowers themselves the possibilities for color are almost endless. The aforementioned yellow and orange are perfect fall flower colors but even contrasting reds can be pulled off as well.

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