women-diving-into-the-poolMake swimming pools more fun for kids and those who are young at heart! Fun swimming pool add-ons go beyond the usual floaties. For us, floaties are more like requisites already. They look nice and cute; and they keep your kids safe while in the water, most of the time.

The fun that we’re talking about are the more awesome stuff! Slides, splash pads and diving boards – add-ons that elevate your pool to a whole new level!

Water Slides
If your backyard area is big enough, consider getting a water slide for it. Water slides are possibly the most awesome fun swimming pool add-ons that you can get. I mean, who’s not going to want to hop onto your backyard pool slide???

Water slides come in a variety of sizes and style. You can opt for a quick drop slide or one that twists and turns. Of course, this depends on how much space you have to work with.

Incorporate your slide into your landscaping. Design it with rocks and bushes, and other backyard fixtures. Slides can blend in seamlessly into the ambiance of your yard.

Splash Pads
Splash pads require a little more space but they’re perfect when you have toddlers at home. These interactive water pads take playpens to the next level. Plus, they’re pretty safe too. Your kids can get wet without going into dangerous water depths.

Diving Boards
These fun swimming pool add-ons are best for teenagers and grown-ups; and if you’re pool is deep enough. Things have changed since the all-wood spring board from years back. Today’s diving boards come in a variety of colors and shapes.

Talk to your Las Vegas pool builder about these fun swimming pool add-ons and watch your pool come to life! Surely, your backyard will be the envy of everyone!