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Nowadays, swimming pool designs in Boca Raton come in an extremely wide array of shapes and sizes. This is only natural as swimming pool designers and builders are constantly trying to one-up their competitors in the swimming pool industry. However, complexity is not always a good thing; especially when complex swimming pool ideas are put in the hands of inexperienced swimming pool designers and builders.

The fact of the matter is that simple traditionally shaped swimming pools can be absolutely breathtaking and unique in their own right; when they are crafted by professionals.

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Southernwind Pools, McKinney, Texas

Geometric swimming pools are often considered by most people – homeowners and swimming pool designers alike – to be the “traditional” swimming pool shape or design. This is a very understandable stance to have because a lot of geometric swimming pools are often designed in the stereotypical rectangular shape that everyone has come to associate with the general idea of a swimming pool.

Geometric swimming pools are largely popular because of this idea of the ideally shaped swimming pool; i.e. a rectangular one. Another reason for their popularity is their simplicity, easily defined shape, and the general practicality that they provide.

Here are a few ways that you can add personality and awe to your “traditional” geometric swimming pool in Boca Raton.

Geometric Pool Ideas For Boca Raton! – Water Features

Water features are a great way to add beauty and flair to any swimming pool and backyard. In fact, when it comes to a specific type of pool, without a doubt most types, shapes, and styles of water features more often than not work better with geometric styled swimming pools.

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Pool Docs, Lakewood, N.J.

Water features are extremely popular in Boca Raton and other areas where water is generally an important part of the landscape and the lives of the citizens that live there. Some of the more common water features that are incorporated into geometric swimming pools include; waterfalls, fountains and waterslides.

Geometric Pool Ideas For Boca Raton! – Add Some Curves

One of the common ideas that most people have about geometric pools is that they have to be perfectly angular – this is not true.

While the general shape has to fit the definition of “geometric” that does not mean that you can’t tinker with the overall design.

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Ryan Hughes Design, Palm Harbor, Fla.

Adding small of moderate curves to some sections of a geometric pool is a great way to add character and uniqueness to the overall design.

Geometric Pool Ideas For Boca Raton! – Double The Fun

When planning the details of their backyard swimming pool, some homeowners will decide that they want to pair it with a relaxing pool or a spa. Geometric swimming pools work very well with this design choice for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it is easy to pair the average geometric swimming pool with a geometrically shaped relaxing pool or a geometrically shaped spa. This is because you are most likely just complementing a large rectangular shape with a smaller rectangular shape.

Secondly, geometric swimming pools are perfect for this since they already make efficient use of the available space in most backyards (compared to other pool shapes). So adding a relaxing pool or spa will not be difficult.

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Bill Steed and Ron Sills are founding partners of the Premier Pools and Spas location in Boca Raton, Florida. With over 20 years of combined experience in residential and commercial pool design, Bill & Ron truly have a “Passion for Splashin!” Our goal is to provide a higher level of quality, customer service, and value to our customers and to be personally involved in every project to insure every customer gets the best backyard project and experience available.

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