Gulf Coast is a fascinating place, and just like elsewhere, pool maintenance is important.  Your swimming pool is a great investment, so you want to ensure it stays in good condition. When you own a pool in your Gulf Coast backyard, there is a need for frequent maintenance.

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Though you can clean your Gulf Coast pool the DIY-way, looking for the services of an expert pool maintenance company with a variety of benefits worth each cent you spend.

Here are some of these reasons to work with a pool maintenance company:


We, at Premier Pool Service of Gulf Coast, have developed professionalism in pool equipment alternatives, automatic chemical feeders, pool leak detection, salt-based chlorinator systems and pool automation. Actually, most repairs that involve equipment need our experts. These include:

  • Valve repairs
  • Resurfacing
  • Pump and filter repairs
  • Motor and heater repairs
  • Equipment replacement

Make savings

Repair costs and pool service and remodeling can easily make pool maintenance pricey. As a Gulf Coast homeowner, it is essential to be able to manage your Gulf Coast pool water balance and chemicals without looking for the help of an expert. But it’s the responsibility of such experts to take some water sample from the pool to be analyzed.

pool maintenance

Considerable time is used here too since the checks should be accurate and well-timed. The chemicals require safe keeping for the next use as well. All these services require expert help. Just like any other swimming pool owner, you would not want to gamble with pool water maintenance and the ratio of chemical mixtures.

After all, you invested so much getting the pool built; hence getting a Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professional to maintain it is part of the right care for your investment. Our pool experts know the proper mixture of chemical for effective use in pools since they have a better understanding of chemical quantities and pool maintenance. The right maintenance of your pool ensures it stays in great condition for years.

When a Premier Pool & Spas service expert takes care of your swimming pool, they use the appropriate chemical balance. They also they monitor the latest reagents for usage in the water. Maintenance is a regimen that doesn’t require diagnosis, and so it’s affordable than pool repairs. So, you get to save money and time.

Weekly maintenance

Gulf Coast homeowners want a clean swimming pool all-season but do not have the time to clean and manage the pool. We’ll ensure the swimming pool is working properly by cleaning, monitoring pool equipment, and balancing the chemicals. Other specific weekly maintenance services are,

  • Pool equipment cleaning and inspection
  • Removing bottom debris and surface skimming
  • Backwashing, if needed
  • Brushing down all surfaces
  • Cleaning the swimming pool deck of leaves and other debris
  • Cleaning the skimmer baskets
  • Inspecting and balancing the swimming pool chemicals and shocking the swimming pool if needed

pool maintenance

Proper Pool maintenance will save you money, hassle and time. If you have questions, contact Premier Pools & Spas pool experts TODAY! We’ll be glad to assist.

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