Are you looking for some fun games to play in your heart of Texas pool? You’ve got your family and friends, warm summer days, and an awesome swimming pool – all that’s left to do is have some fun!

Heart of Texas

How To Have Fun In The Heart Of Texas

How can you spice up your intimate pool party in the heart of Texas with your friends and family? Why not try one or two of these pool games at your next backyard get-together. Contrary to popular belief, pool games aren’t only for kids; these pool games are great for swimming pool lovers of all ages. From kids to teens to adults, everyone can enjoy frolicking in the water while socializing and having fun. Here are our 3 favorite pool games to play in the heart of Texas!

Marco Polo

All you need to play Marco Polo is a swimming pool and 3 or more people. Marco Polo is probably the most iconic pool game in the heart of Texas, not only because of how fun it is but also because it is extremely easy to play. To start, first someone needs to be “it” first. You can choose the youngest or oldest to go first; the tallest or shortest; or simply decide with a round of rock, paper, scissors. Whoever is chosen to be “it” then has to close their eyes and swim around in the pool while trying to touch the other players. They say the word “Marco” and the other players have to reply by saying “Polo”. The person who is “it” needs to then follow the sound of the other players’ voices as the call and response of “Marco Polo” continues.

Heart of Texas


To play this game all you need is a swimming pool and at least 2 players. To start, one person needs to be the leader. The leader should place themselves at one side of the swimming pool with his/her back against the wall. The other players should place themselves at the opposite side of the swimming pool with their backs against the wall.

Choose one person as the leader. Again, you can use the same tactics described in Marco Polo. The leader is at one end of the pool, touching the wall, and the other players are at the other end of the pool also touching the wall. The leader’s job is to select a category (such as colors, vehicles, flowers, etc.) and the other players have to think about a thing that belongs to the category. The leader must then start guessing things from the selected category. When the leader guesses the answer that another player chose then both of them must have a race across the pool. If the other player wins then they are the new leader and if the leader wins then they get to have another round.

Heart of Texas


All you need to play this game is 4 or more people and a swimming pool. This is a racing game that has a fun twist. Similarly to the popular wheelbarrow race game, everyone who is playing this pool game needs a partner. Then one person needs to be the “legs” while the other needs to be the “arms”. The person who has the role of “legs” will hold the person who has the role of “arms” around their waist. The goal of this race is to swim from one end of the pool to the other while only using the body part that you are designated.

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