Families in Hillsboro love enjoying their spa time with family and friends. In this article, we are going to talk more about enjoying quality spa time with your kids. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind when you have little ones in the spa so everyone can be safe and keep having fun.

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Spa Time Things to Remember With Little Ones

While the following tips are important for everyone, they are especially important for small bodies so make sure to note these if you are going to have your kids in the spa with you.

Keep Your Hydration Levels Up

It can be hard to pull your kids out of the spa so they may end up being in the spa for quite some time. When the water is hot, you need to make sure they stay hydrated. Make sure to have water, iced tea or lemonade on hand so that your kids have something they like to keep them hydrated.

spa time

Watch the Temperature

While having spa time with your kids is great, small kids aren’t always able to handle the hot water for a long amount of time. Have kids take a break in the cool-down seat in the tub or watch them as they sit on the edge for a little bit. Some people find it helps if they lower the temperature to around 100 degrees or even less.

Keep Things Calm

While kids might think spa time equals play time, you need to make sure there is no jumping off the side of the spa into the water or splashing around. Make sure they understand this is a relaxation space so they do not get too wild during spa time.

Entertain the Kids

Put some toys in the spa while the kids are playing. Think of some floating games they might like to play so they do not get bored and want to get out of the spa.

spa time

Creating Your Spa Oasis

Whether you only have a spa or you have a pool with a spa, you can create an oasis for you and your family. There are plenty of options that you can look into when you are creating your spa. There are new features you can add such as glow elements that will allow your spa experience to become a magical one with glowing sea creatures or sprinkles of glow throughout the spa.

There are many benefits to having a spa but you need to remember there are different features and add-ons that can make your spa experience even better. Make sure you pick a design that is going to allow you to be seated comfortably but also make sure you have enough seats for the number of people you plan on having in the spa. If you have a lot of friends that you plan on inviting over, you may want to make your design bigger than you had originally thought. Everyone enjoys coming to the spa so you are likely to have plenty of people accept your invite. Make sure you give us a call so we can help you get started.

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