There’s nothing better than enjoying delicious food outdoors in the fresh air and in the good company of family and friends. You can create a unique atmosphere for your picnic by gathering everyone around the pool. Especially if your Redding pool is new or newly renovated, it’s a wonderful chance to show it off while spending time with those you love.


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Here are some great ideas for a picnic potluck that will take the hassle out of preparation and clean-up, while ensuring the event is enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Be efficient. Don’t spend your time and energy lugging items between the kitchen and the pool. A small wagon or trolley can easily transport multiple items in one go. You can even recruit someone to take on the task – bigger children would be great at this!


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  1. Keep clean-up to a minimum. Use paper cups and plates which can be disposed of once the picnic is over. To really personalize the picnic experience, buy the cups in a solid color and use double-sided tape to stick a design onto them that matches the theme of your picnic. If you’re playing matchmaker, then go with heart motifs. If children are among your guests, then think of butterflies, cars or balloons for your design.
  2. Make things interesting. Forget using just plain-old ice cubes. Instead, freeze small pieces of fruits into the water in the ice tray. They will not only keep the juice cool but add a little extra flavor, sweetness and color to the drink.
  3. The pool will be inviting to children and adults so you could actually set the theme of the picnic around the pool. To get the pool in tip-top shape consider having it remodeled, by taking advantage of some of the really convenient financing options that are available. Getting the perfect pool as a backdrop or as center stage to your picnic really couldn’t be easier.

Redding Pool Picnic – What’s On The Menu?


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Here are some awesome food ideas for your Redding pool picnic potluck.

Cucumber Bites with Herbed Cheese and Salmon Mousse – These sophisticated treats are sure to be an instant hit. Refreshing cucumber slices are topped with a salmon mousse and herbed cheese for a delectable bite.

Summerberry Cooler – Fresh strawberries and raspberries are combined with apple juice and lemon-lime soda for a cool and satisfying drink. If you make the fruit filled ice cubes mentioned earlier then they would go so well with these.

Two-for-One Stuffed Party Pinwheels – Guests will absolutely gobble up these hearty and colorful treats. Make them from the day before, store them in the refrigerator, then just quickly and easily slice them up when it’s picnic time.

With dishes like these your picnic potluck is sure to be a roaring success.

Check out these other quick and delicious recipes.


A picnic is a great way to simply relax and have a good time. Make it a unique experience by hosting the picnic around your gorgeous pool. It could be a combination picnic and pool party!  

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