Napa’s wonderful climate makes it a popular vacation spot and nothing says vacation quite like a luxury swimming pool. Swimming pools in hotels and resorts in Napa rival some of the most luxurious pools in the world. Guests can cool off in style, enjoy some hot-weather fun and snap selfies in some of the most envy worthy locations. You can find friendly, family, romantic or swimming pools to enjoy. Many offer excellent outdoor dining, spa services another amazing amenities for guests to enjoy. If you’re looking for an inspiration for your private pool, Premier Pools & Spas of Napa Valley has got you covered. Today, we’re bringing you some of the most outstanding swimming pools in hotels in Napa. Buckle in because it’s a close race between the top three contenders.

Relax At The Carneros Inn

Napa Image Source The swimming pool at The Carneros Inn has a simple design that is enhanced by the panoramic views of orchards, grapevines and farmlands around the area. Guests at this upscale boutique hotel are given access to the swimming pool from Monday to Thursday at times of the day when the hotel isn’t busy. As an added bonus, there is a spa that guests can go to relax and enjoy their vacation. If you ever happen to be at the Carneros Inn don’t forget to check out the swimming pool!

The Dive Bar At Bardessono

Napa Image Source During the warmer months, Bardessono Hotel dive bar is the hotspot among people looking to have a great time.  Swimming pool parties are held on the rooftop that’s open to hotel guests and non-guests during the months of July and August.  Go for the delicious Napa Valley wine and lively music but stay for the amazing swimming pool and watch it turn into a dance floor as guests rush in. The best part is that: after enjoying a glass of vino, guests can stop by one of the nearby restaurants and enjoy a delicious meal.

Unwind At Poetry Inn in Napa

Napa Image Source The swimming pool at this tiny intimate bed and breakfast has been a major attrition among guests. From the swimming pool area, you can enjoy a stunning view of the nearby vineyard, relax while reading a book or watch the sunset. During the cooler months, the swimming pool is heated to provide guests with optimum comfort. Hammock and lounge chairs shaded by wide umbrellas provides a comforting place of rest for guess. Grab a glass of Napa native wine and unwind by the pool while enjoying the view. You won’t regret it! Ahhhhh. It’s not impossible for you to own a swimming pool like the one at Bardessono Hotel, Carneros Inn or Poetry Inn with the help of Premier Pools & Spas of Napa Valley. Seeing how stunning these swimming pools are you may be thinking it’s impossible for you to finance a project of this nature but that’s not always the case. In fact, at Premier Pools and Spa we help home owners to find the financing they need to build their swimming pools! Learn how we can help here.

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