Take the summer vacation experience out into your backyard this year with a “Dive-In” movie theater night with your closest companions. With the warm Houston weather, an amazing pool party is the perfect way to set the mood this summer. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a lot for you to transform your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot– rent an inflatable screen or projector, set it up in your backyard, invite the right crowd, and you have the basics covered. We were inspired by Oh Happy Day and their gorgeous photos! Check it out below:


Photo Courtesy of Oh Happy Day

Hosting the Best Houston Dive-In Movie and Pool Party

Once you’ve ensured that your pool is party ready there are a few things that you’ll need to do to get ready for the party.

First, Choose How You Will Show The Movie

If you have a big screen television at home in Houston and you’re sure the weather will be nice on the day of the party, then you can move it to the backyard to show the movie. Just be sure to place it in a secure area where all your guests can have a good view of the screen. A good idea is to place planters around the TV to act as a barrier, especially if you’ll be having kids at the party. Another option is to invest in a movie screen and projector. Most quality projectors today go for at least $300 while a movie screen will cost around $100. If it’s a onetime event then you can opt to rent the projector instead of buying it. Also you can forgo buying the movie screen and use a light colored wall or sheet to project the movie on. Just be sure to place the projector within 8 to 18 feet of the wall or sheet.

Lastly, you can also choose to buy or rent a jumbo inflatable screen for showing the movie. Most rental companies will appoint a technician to setup the screen, speakers, and DVD player on your property then return to retrieve it after your party has ended. Screens are available at retailers like Target for around $269 while rental prices may vary with each company in Houston.

Next, Decide How You’re Going To Transform Your Backyard Into A Party Venue.

You’ll want to make your party the most interesting and memorable in Houston this summer. A great way to do this is to arrange Tiki Torches or string lighting around the area to help to set the party mood. Keep the lights to the back of your house off and ensure that the area around the screen is dark so that your guests can see the screen clearly, much like in a movie theatre. It’s also important that you provide comfortable seating for your guests. Inflatable chairs, pool floats, and loungers are great way to make the event really special, with a bit of elegance and fun.

Also, don’t forget to stack up on treats and beverages for your guests. If your guests are adults then you’ll definitely want to ensure you don’t run out of beer and margaritas. For snacks you can just play it safe with old-school buttered popcorn or satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with some chocolate covered raisins or dried fruits, which make great movie snacks.

Be sure to keep the party interesting as best as you can – and remember, if you’re having a good time, so will your guests.

Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, Texas is here to help you get your swimming pool in shape for the summer festivities. Give us a call today to get started!

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