Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show

This month is the Houston Livestock and Rodeo show and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. We sponsored a booth at the three day kick off which is what we do every year to show our enthusiasm for the world’s biggest rodeo show.

Houston livestock and rodeo show and barbecue

This year we sponsored the Renegades Cook Off Team‘s booth in the barbecue contest. They got their foodsavers, knives, and meat ready, climbed down into their barbecue pits and cooked up quite a storm.

houston livestock and rodeo barbecue pork

Man the smell coming off that grill was to die for!

We here at PPAS Houston had a great time! We enjoyed plenty of all that delicious meat.

chicken from houston livestock and rodeo barbecue

The Rodeo is still going and there are parades, concerts, wine auctions, and of course livestock and rodeo shows. Man it’s been so much fun and there’s still more than a week left!

Frankly we wish we could spend all day at the rodeo watching the shows but we’ve got pools to install. So we encourage everybody to go have fun at the rodeo and then have a nice long sit in their pool. It’s getting pretty hot out so cool off and enjoy yourself with a bit of time in the pool.

All of us at PPAS Houston will be doing the same and we hope everybody keeps having fun at the Houston livestock and Rodeo show