Everything is better with music – just think about how hard it might have been to sit through High School Musical 2 without that “pool scene” where everyone sings and dances. That being said, adding music to your swimming pool in Houston, is a great way promote relaxation and enhance your overall experience when hanging out by the pool. The good news is that there are plenty of waterproof music devices on the market today for you to choose from, fully suitable for adding melody to your backyard pursuits, especially for a pool party. Take a look!

Waterproof Speakers

Waterproof speakers are a must have for your outdoor pool in Houston. Not all outdoor speakers are waterproof or have Bluetooth connectivity but it’s always best to look for these features. Below are three great speakers to consider:

AudioBOMB Speakers


AudioBOMB speakers were made to make your swimming pool fun. They are covered by rubber material which protects them from being damaged and they feature suction cups to keep them in place. Most importantly they can run for up to 10 hours on the rechargeable battery. Prices may vary with each seller but they are available for as low as $27 on Amazon.

Patio Speakers


These speakers are a great choice if you already have a sound system in your Houston home but want to extend the music to your backyard. They are often pricier than AudioBOMB speakers with some prices starting at, $100. Ideally, they can function at an optimum level in both hot and cold weather.

Floating Speakers


It’s not often that you come across a product that’s functional and beautiful at the same time. These floating speakers are a great way to enjoy your favorite songs while relaxing in your backyard in Houston. Many come with a built-in NFC function that will allow you to play music directly from any smartphone or tablet with NFC capabilities. Prices start as low as $60.

Underwater Speakers

These are definitely luxury swimming pool accessories and you’ll be surprised at how great the sound quality is underwater. They are available as drip-in and in-wall underwater speakers. Prices generally start at $1500.

Waterproof MP3 Players

If you have a set of motivational soundtracks you like listening to while swimming, a waterproof MPS player might be great way to ensure that you do not slack on your swimming workout this summers. Here are three you might want to invest in:

Sony Walkman

Don’t let the mane deceive you, this is not like the Walkman that your grandfather used. The Sony Waterproof MP3 player is extremely lightweight and is designed to allow you to listen to your favorite songs even when submerged under water. It features 4 GB of storage and a lithium battery that can run for up to eight hours. Prices may vary but it falls around $100.

Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle

These underwater audio devices are designed to withstand all your flip turns when swimming. It provides room for all your favourite songs with 2 GB of storage and can run on battery for up to 15 hours.  Prices start at $125.

Waterproof Music Accessories

Portable Charger


Investing in a Solar Reflex charger is a great way to ensure that you can power your speakers and other devices conveniently. There are two ways in which you can charge lithium battery, with the USB that comes with the charger or via the solar panel. These chargers are sold for as low as $40.

Cases for Your Devices

Purchasing waterproof cases is a great idea if you’ll be spending a lot of time in your backyard in Houston this summer, especially if you’ll be using your cell phone or tablet while by the pool. Many cases today are designed to offer protection against breakage and water damage. You can purchase waterproof cases for as low as $7.

Take the party to your swimming pool this summer with these waterproof devices. It has never been easier for you to enjoy music while getting wet.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Houston if you need to install a swimming pool or get your current one in shape for the summer.

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