It may be hot but, don’t let this summer in Houston be a bummer! Like millions of people, if daily pain is preventing you from living it up this summer, there is a solution you should try – aquatic therapy or pool exercises. If you’re fortunate enough to have your own swimming pool then you can speak to the benefits that result from relaxing in your swimming pool or spa after a long day. If you suffer from lower back pain or arthritis then your swimming pool can be more than a place to relax – it can be a natural remedy for your pain. Swimming pool exercises can strengthen your muscles while a hot tub can stimulate relaxation to reduce pain. The best part is, while going to the gym in Houston or simple going on a walk can be strenuous, a swimming pool will ensure that you have a good time while ridding your body of pain.


Arthritis and Water Therapy

Exercising in your Houston swimming pool is a great way to use water resistance to strengthen your muscles. Simply stretching the muscles in your lower back and hamstrings by lifting your knees up to your chest once you’re in the pool is very effective. Then follow up by stretching your upper back and neck. You can do so by standing close to one end of the swimming pool, then leaning slightly forward use your hand to ‘catch’ your body.

Water aerobics are also great for you if you have arthritis. For instance, you can stretch your back and hips by simply strolling through the shallow end of the pool, then working up to a slow jog.


Using Aquatic Exercises In Houston For Rheumatic Conditions

Studies have shown that many people living with a rheumatic condition finds comfort in their swimming pool. If you’re not familiar with aquatic exercises, there are many resources online that you can use to help you get started. To warm up, use pool noodles and equipment of similar nature that will to keep your head from submerging into the water while you stretch and warm up. Once you’ve warmed up some exercises that you can do to relieve pain are deep back kicks, quick scissor kicks, bent-knee twists and heel lifts.


Spa Therapy for Your Back Pain

In addition to your swimming pool, a spa or hot tub can also be a great place to relax if you have lower back or muscle and joint pain. The warm water in the spa can help to loosen tight muscles and stimulate blood flow to painful area.

For those of you who do not have a swimming pool or spa at home, daily pain should be a good enough reason for you to get one. There no reason you should have to live with pain. Even train physician recommends aquatic therapy to patients with chronic pain. Premier Pools & Spa of Houston will be more than happy to design a swimming pool and spa for your home to bring back the fun into your summer. We’ll work fast and efficiently to ensure that you can resume a regular life. Go ahead and give us a call!


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