lightning-clip-artIf you are thinking about getting a swimming pool in Houston, expect to experience a significant increase in your electricity consumption, especially during peak season like summer. This should be a part of your maintenance considerations.

So, what about your swimming pool in Houston can run up the electricity bill? The long and short of it is that your pool builder should be conscientious about your energy consumption such that they provide you with earth-friendly and energy-efficient pump and filter systems. Of all your pool components, these consume the most electricity.

The good news is that pool builders, such as Premier Pools and Spas Houston, have adopted top quality “green” technology that lowers typical pool electricity consumption significantly. For instance, variable speed pump and filter systems are now standard in basic pool installation. This cuts consumption by almost 50% when the system runs in low speed. This can cost up to $50 in electricity.

It’s a different story if you still get a 1-speed pump from your pool builder. This is highly inefficient and can cost you a lot. During months that you run your pump 24/7, expect a bill that reaches up to $150.

Heat pumps are used to heat or cool your pool. The cost of electricity for this depends on the size of the pump and your location – i.e. if you need more heating or cooling. Expect to run up a bill of at least $75. This can go as high as $300. This is something that you should also expect with inground hot tubs.

So, prior to getting your swimming pool in Houston, make sure to talk to your builder about energy efficiency. The time you take for this can save you a lot of money in the future.