Opening the pool before summertime in the Hamptons can be the best way to get excited and ready for those soothing poolside days. We recommend that you open your pool around the spring season as the weather condition is warm enough to enjoy your backyard oasis before the start of official swim season. But there are some things you should do to make sure that the pool is perfect and ready for your gatherings and pool parties.

Open your Pool

Here are a few simple tips about how to open your pool in the spring:

Pool cover, cleaning, and storage:

Clean the cover of any excess debris that’s fallen on it and lingering water since you last utilized the pool. When you’ve cleaned the cover, make sure that it is dry before you store it in a place where it will be safely stored until it’s time to plan to close the pool once more. Pool covers can get damaged if not cleaned in the right way, or stored and dried properly.

Check the water level:

You simply need to take a good look at the pool and if you see low pool water, simply start filling using your garden hose. A great sign of when to discontinue filling the pool is this: check out your pool’s wall skimmer. If your pool water is midway to the skimmer, that is a great place to stop.

Removing winter plugs & reattaching drain plugs:

Ensure you remove all your pool equipment’s winterizing plugs. This might include your pool cleaners, heater, pump, booster pump, and filter. Reinstalling every normal drain plug is important.

Open your Pool

Start up the filter and pool pump:

This is where you start up the filter and pump to ensure that the system will start up properly. On top of that, check out for any drips and leaks that you should deal with. This is to ensure proper maintenance of the pool. In that case, you find any drips or leaks, shut down the system and have it repaired. If you find there’s no drips or leaks, allow the pool pump to run throughout the day.

Cleaning and vacuuming the pool:

Your backyard pool will most likely have lots of leaves and debris floating around. The reason being, it will have been a long time you have used the pool. Take this chance to manually remove, vacuum, or scoop all of the foreign matter floating around the pool. Remember, your pool water level may fall while you are removing the debris in your backyard oasis. If this happens, take the garden hose and refill the pool to the correct level. Our professionals recommend that you use an automatic pool cleaner for hands-free and easy cleaning.

Incorporate ladders, diving board, etc.

Some homeowners might choose to get this done earlier; however, once you balance the pool correctly balanced, you can install or incorporate the safety rails, stairs, and diving board, etc.

Open your Pool

Open your Pool – Conclusion

A covered backyard pool might not be a blot on the landscape, but it’s definitely not appealing. Once you open your pool, you’ll find your outdoor space opens up. It’s never too early to consider the spring and the needs of your backyard pool. Residents of the Hamptons can count on Premier Pools & Spas for their pool needs. To find out more, please get in touch with us today!

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