IMG_3115Earlier, we discussed a few things that you’d need to consider when buying a Houston pool. There’s a lot more that you’d need to know, particularly when it comes to lighting and maintaining your pool, as well as getting the right pool builders for the job.

Popular Houston Pool Lighting
Houston pool lighting is not just about functional lighting. It doesn’t stop at making sure paths and decks are lit up to guarantee people’s safety. Lighting is also a way to add to your backyard’s ambience. Light up you pool at key places to highlight the landscape and accentuate the water’s reflection.

Today’s Houston pool lighting veers away from traditional lighting. Current basics are fiber-optic and LED (light-emitting diodes), which provides you with more creative flexibility.

Through fiber-optics, you can install end-emitting or side-emitting light cables within pool walls or under its coping. You can achieve a soft even hue or creative patterns that illuminate the water at night time. LEDs, on the other hand, are good alternatives to submerged incandescent bulbs. They don’t get hot and don’t burn out.

When designing for your Houston pool lighting, figure in the natural light that emanates from the moon. Observe where the light falls and how it hits your landscaping.

Uplighting is another consideration. Creative lighting does not have to actually center around the pool. A wall of light with trees, bushes or even a brick wall as backdrop can illuminate your pool and make it look amazing!

Make Your Pool Investment Last Longer
Installing a Houston pool can cost you a good amount of money. It is an investment – there’s no question about that. And, as with any investment, it is important that you maintain it and make it last a long time.

For this one, it is important to remember that, of all components of your pool, the most vulnerable and crucial is your pool liner. Liners retain water, and keeps it from leaking out. While this is protected by concrete, it does not shield it from typical wear and tear. So, the key to a long-lasting pool is good maintenance practices that protect the integrity of your pool lining.

Clean your pool regularly: This is basic in slowing down your pool’s deterioration. Regularly clear the pool of debris. Clean its filters and change its water regularly, as advised by your pool builder.

Cover your pool: Included in the general maintenance of your pool is covering it up when not in use. Off peak periods, like winter time, are also times when pools can gather dust and debris. Prevent this with a simple pool cover.

Keep to the prescribed water chemistry: Some pool owners are guilty of chlorine abuse. The misconception is that chlorine – any amount of chlorine – keeps your pool stable. The fact is that too much chemicals in your pool will not only affect the swimmer’s experience. It will also deteriorate your pool lining faster.

Where To Buy The Best Swimming Pool
Now, where to by your Houston pool? The long and short of it is that you can get the best pools from Premier Pools and Spas Houston.

But let’s break it down to the qualities that you should look for in a pool builder.

Local Expertise: A local expert is the best expert for your Houston pool. Different states have different mandates when it comes to pool building and ownership standards and regulations. A good pool builder will not only provide superior workmanship. They will also guide you on what you’d need to know as a Houston pool owner.

Experience: Experience counts for a lot in this industry. It not only implies that your pool builder can get the job done right. It also means that they have the right connections. They can get the best prices from top brands and suppliers. They may also offer fair financing opportunities.

Portfolio: If you want an amazing pool, your builder should have an amazing portfolio. Finished works speak a lot about the skills of your pool builder. If looking at photos isn’t enough, ask for references. Take time to know what your pool construction company has done in the past.

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