mobilesplash_houstonSo, you’ve finally decided on getting a Houston swimming pool. Congrats! It could the best decision you make for your home. Or, it could be the start of a million headaches. It depends on the choices you make at the start.

Choose the best features, landscaping, lighting, maintenance and pool building for your Houston swimming pool and you can have a pool that truly adds to the quality of your home life.

You want a Houston swimming pool with “the works?” Here’s a few things to think about.

Additional Features For Your Pool
A Houston swimming pool is not just about a big outdoor tub with water. It is about superior workmanship that provides you with one that will last you and your family a long time. It’s also about deciding on features that make your pool stand out in terms looks and function.

First, let’s start with features you can add to your basic pool.

Water Falls: Water falls are pretty – there’s no doubt about that. There’s also so much you can do creatively with your unique pool addition.

A cascading falls can be an amazing feature for your free form pool or lagoon pool. Imagine water trickling down from a rock wall to a bed of natural stones. The sound alone is relaxing. Take a dip in it, and let the water fall on your shoulders. It’s doubtful if you’d want to get out of the pool! It can work for standard pools too. It breaks the monotony and can be a lot of fun.

Deck Jets: For a colorful and fun pool, consider a deck jet. A jet sends arcs of water into the pool. It creates a nice focal point, which can be enhanced with creative lighting fixtures.

Water Slides: Want your Houston swimming pool to be awesome? Add water slides to it! Your kids will have so much fun! And, who knows, you might even take it for a spin yourself and feel like a kid again!

Hot Tub: Now this one – who can resist a hot tub? Add what is probably the most romantic pool feature on the planet and feel the love!

Resistance Jets: If you’re the sporty type and have been wanting a pool that fits your backyard but is functional enough to do cardio laps in, consider getting resistance jets for your pull. With this jet, you can create enough resistance for you to swim against to get a good workout.

Landscaping For Your Pool
Now, it’s time for the harder part. You’ve got an amazing pool. It has the features that you want and you’re having a great time with it. How do you spruce up the surroundings so you can make your pool look more beautiful?

A misconception about getting a Houston swimming pool is that it solves your landscaping problems. You don’t need to think much about decorating your backyard because your pool takes up a lot of the space. That’s not really true. A backyard needs a little something so that your poolside doesn’t look bare and unfinished.

Plants are popular choices for this one. Blue and green make a great visual pair. The question is: which plants do you choose?

For this one, keep the basics in mind. You don’t want plants that attract a lot of bees and other insects nor those that shed too much. Also, keep away from plants that are sensitive to water because they are definitely going to get wet.

Then, consider going with a theme. You can go tropical and transplant tropical plants, like coconut trees. Or maybe you’d want to keep things simple, and have a nice garden surrounding your pool. If you live in a woody area and have a lot of green in your background, your job is half done!

A deck is something to consider for your Houston swimming pool too. The pool is a place to gather and a deck or patio can facilitate this. It creates more space to relax, and maybe add a couple of pool furniture, where you can lay back, work on your tan or read a book.

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