If you are thinking about keeping your North Georgia swimming pool open for the winter, you’re in luck! Experts say that in this market, it is perfectly fine to keep your swimming pool open throughout the winter. In this market, we can really keep it open and from the experts, it is better for your pool equipment. Premier Pools and Spas explains this to our customers by giving them the example, say you’re parking your car for the winter, then expecting it to run great when cranking it up after it’s been sitting for a few months in the cold. It is better to run it all winter.

swimming pool open

Photo Credit: UBud Hotel

The Best Way to Keep Your Swimming Pool Open During the Winter

Once it starts getting cold, it is time to make sure you are ready for the cold. Here are a few things you should keep in mind throughout the winter when you keep your swimming pool open.

#1 – You need to ensure that your pool heater or your heat pump is designed to work during cold times. There are some heat pumps that cannot function when it gets below 50 degrees, but if you plan on running yours during the cold you can find some that are designed to work into the 20-degree marks. You may see them referred to on the market as “ice breakers” or “hot gas defrost”. These will be great allies for you to keep your pool water warm and ice-free during the winter.

swimming pool open

Credit: Dan Forer, Photographer, original photo on Houzz

#2 – You aren’t just thinking about keeping your pool a comfortable temperature so you can use it, you are thinking about ensuring that the pipes are not going to freeze and cause problems. The heater must be left on at all times or you may find the pipes feeding the pool have frozen and caused you a great deal of damage and expenses. You should ensure that you have a backup power source in case of winter storms that come and knock out the power as well.

#3 – Design your pool deck so that you can shovel it easily. You will find that heat from the pool will keep the close edges from freezing with ice and snow, but the pathway from your house to the pool may be dangerous if you don’t keep it well maintained.

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Open During the Winter Conclusion

swimming pool open

Photo courtesy of plantnj.com

Having your swimming pool open through the winter will keep your pool humming along during the spring, but make sure to follow these guidance steps above and any other advice that you get for your specific pool. Making sure that you take good care of your pool throughout the winter will allow you to have a hassle-free spring season.

There is plenty of fun to be had with a pool, but if you do not take care of it, you will find yourself with problems. Ask your pool professional if there is anything else you should do during the winter to keep your pool safe for the next season and then you will be able to rest assured that all is well with your pool.

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