How much does a pool cost?

Swimming pools range in cost. A simple pool might fall around $35,000, while a fairly straightforward pool with a few bells and whistles can cost $60,000 and up. Pool features increase the cost, so keep this in mind if you’re considering options like spas, gas heaters, and water purification systems. If your pool build includes cutting into slopes and hills or demolishing existing backyard structures like walls and fences, excavation is going to add to the overall cost, too.

Of course, the sky’s the limit if you want something extravagant. Features like slides, waterfalls, and rocks will increase the cost. If you choose to incorporate fire features, outdoor kitchens, and grottos, the price rises as you add to the design.

The most important thing is to establish your budget, then design within that budget. Your Premier builder can help you create your dream pool that falls under that budget.

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