Where will my pool equipment be installed?

The pool equipment –your pump and filter– is truly the heartbeat of your swimming pool. The pump keeps your pool water circulated and the filter keeps your pool free of debris, so you and your family can enjoy a clean, safe swimming experience.

From an energy-efficiency standpoint, you want your pool equipment to be as close to the pool as possible. The farther away it is, the harder your pool pump has to work. That can translate to higher energy costs.

The downside of having your pool equipment close to your pool is that, frankly, most people don’t want to see their beautiful backyard pool project visually marred by the presence of a bunch of mechanical pool equipment.

So, we work with you to find the best place for the pump and filter, so that it is both efficient for the system and visually attractive to you.

Most of the time it means placing the equipment in your side yard near your existing A/C unit. This, however, can vary based on the specific needs of each home and pool.

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