I have a small backyard, can I still fit a pool in it?

Absolutely! Every backyard poses its own unique set of challenges. Areas with older homes often have utility, sewer and septic lines to contend with. The biggest obstacle we’ve seen, however, in newly constructed homes and developments is the increasingly smaller footprint given to the backyard.

For smaller backyards, we offer something called a “spool.” A spool is a small pool, or a combination spa/pool, that works beautifully in smaller areas. They are typically deeper than regular inground pools and can provide you with year-round utility. Spools are great for cooling off in the summer, and often, they can be converted to a spa to give you a relaxing hot tub experience in the chilly winter months.

A spool is just one of many options we can provide for small backyards. It is important to note that no matter where you live, our team of talented designers can work with you and your family to give you a pool (or spool) that fits your yard, your budget, and your needs.

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