A swimming pool is for year-round fun and pleasure. If you add LED pool light to this backyard feature, it enhances the overall aesthetic appearance of your home. A residential pool also means a lot of pool parties and BBQs all through the years. Here again, you need vibrant lighting options for a stunning artistry effect. Pool light fixtures come in a variety of styles and colors. So, follow this guide to make the right selection of durable and efficient lights:

LED Lights in Swimming Pool

Make a Blueprint of Your Pool

If you have a vision of a pool illuminated with beautiful lights, you can bring it to life with the right type of lighting option. LED lights can be installed on the pool walls, stairs, or pool features for a dramatic effect. Therefore, you should consider your goals when selecting the lighting options. In the process, you can also make some changes to your pool design for an overall aesthetic appeal.

Check the Ease of Installation

Although most of the LED pool light options come with self-explanatory guidelines for installation, some models can be difficult to handle. This is where you need the help of experts for easy installation of the lights. Here, you should also check the compatibility of the lighting with your housing fixtures. Choose lights that are compatible and convenient.

Check the Brightness of the Bulbs

The main aim of installing pool lights is to illuminate your swimming pool. Therefore, brightness matters the most for the selection of the best lighting option. With the right level of brightness, you can easily light up a specific section of your backyard and pool. It will make your pool safe for nighttime swims as well.

Check the Durability

When investing in pool lighting, it makes sense to choose high-quality and long-lasting products. Look for LED lights with a rubber gasket and stainless steel caging. While rubber gasket protects the bulb from underwater usage, caging will help to resist corrosion.

Ask About the Features

The advanced LED pool light and fixtures are available with many interesting features. You can choose colored lights for a mesmerizing and vibrant ambiance in your backyard. Also, there are dimmable LED lights controlled with a remote. You can adjust the brightness of the lights depending on your mood and occasion.

pool landscaping

Check the Energy Efficiency

The cost of installing and maintaining a swimming pool is already high. You needn’t worry about extra utility bills, thanks to the pool lights. It is needless to say LED lights consume up to 80% less energy than halogen or incandescent light bulbs. You can choose 12 to 120 volts underwater lights depending on your pool design. Also, LED lights are safe for prolonged exposure.

Check the Hue Options

LED lights for swimming pools come in a variety of hues ranging from green to yellow, pink, red, purple, orange, and more. You should choose the colors that complement the architecture and design of your backyard oasis.

With these tips, you can choose the best LED pool light options for your poolscape. Take help from experts for proper selection and installation of lights that suit your backyard.

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