It’s time to open your pool shortly because spring is coming to Lewiston. In this article, we are going to talk more about what you need to know about opening your pool for the new season.

open your pool

Spring Time Fun When You Open Your Pool

It isn’t only the kids that are counting down for the time to open your pool in spring. The adults are looking forward to a good time in and by the swimming pool as well. If you know how to properly open your pool, you will be in for an easy time, but if you don’t get everything right, you may deal with some challenges. Here are some tips to help you open your pool for spring.

#1 – Remove Your Pool Cover

When it is time to open your pool, the first thing you need to do is remove your pool cover. Part of removing the pool cover is making sure any water and debris are off the top of the cover. You can use a pool cover vacuum to get the water off, let the pool cover dry and then use a leaf blower to blow off anything that is left on top of the cover.

#2 – Begin Raising the Water Level

Your pool’s water level is almost certainly lower than it should be. Take your garden hose or water supply and start filling the pool up to the level it is supposed to be. The water level has to be midway up the skimmer before the pump and filter are able to start. While the water level is increasing, plumb in the pump, the rest of the pool equipment and replace any drain plugs for the pump, filter heater, etc. You should always make sure the breakers are off.

open your pool

#3 – Prime the Pump

Once the water level is midway up the skimmer, you will be able to prime the pump. You need to make sure the winterizing plugs have been removed from skimmers and returns.

#4 – Check for Leaks

Once the pump and other equipment are up and running, make sure to check for leaks. If there are leaks, mark the leaks and turn the pump off while repairs are made. If you don’t have any leaks let the pump run 24 hours a day.

#5 – Vacuum Leaves & Debris

If the water is clear enough to see the bottom, vacuum leaves and debris from the pool. If you are vacuuming through your filter system, your valve needs to be switched to waste (if you have a cartridge filter, this does not apply). When you do this, it is going to allow all the debris that is being vacuumed to bypass the filter and flush from the waste port. The water level is going to drop when you do this. You can fill up the swimming pool using a garden hose while you are doing the vacuuming. You still need to let the pump run 24 hours a day.

open your pool

#6 – Take a Sample of the Water

Once you’ve finished with that, you need to take a sample fo the water and make sure to put in the appropriate chemicals.

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