So you’ve finally got the backyard of your Maine home looking just the way you want it. The flowers are all the right shades, the seating arrangements have all been placed perfectly, and the hot tub – the heart of your backyard – is beautiful.


However, that hot tub is going to eventually need some repairs and maintenance. When that time comes it is going to be important to know if the problem is the job for a repairman or rather something that you can figure out and fix for yourself.

Here are a few of the more common problems that your hot tub could have and the solution for these problems.

Maine Hot Tub Tips & Tricks – The Hot Tub Is Just A Tub (It Won’t Heat)

Heating problems are fairly common, as far as hot tub issues go, but the solution is usually fairly simple. Oftentimes it is usually just a heater element that needs to be taken out and replaced.


On the other hand, sometimes it is actually the pump itself that is causing the heating issues, since the pump has to be running to make the hot tub heat up. If this is the case then you can probably find the exact cause with the help of a multi-meter but you may need the help of a repairman to get everything sorted out.


Maine Hot Tub Tips & Tricks – Hot Tub Jets Are Not Working

This is a common problem that hot tub owners will run into from time to time but fixing it is usually a breeze.

Before you start freaking out the first thing that you should always try, whenever your hot tub’s jets aren’t working, is to simply try twisting the face of the hot tub’s jets and seeing if water begins to flow again.

Adjustable jets are a staple feature in most modern hot tubs and you would be surprised at just how many hot tub repair calls have turned out to be false alarms because of jets that had been twisted closed.

Maine Hot Tub Tips & Tricks – Hot Tub Error Codes

Nowadays, virtually all modern hot tubs will have built in keypads, digital displays, and electronic controls. Whenever these modern hot tubs malfunction they will sometimes show error codes on their displays – here are a few common hot tub error codes.

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