In Maine and numerous other states all across the country, countless homeowners annually fall into the habit of neglecting their spas when summer rolls around. It sounds like it should make perfect sense though, right? The weather is so hot that just thinking about the words “hot tub” can make you start to sweat uncomfortably. However, call us crazy if you want but we actually think that one of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer day in Maine is to jump into a hot tub!

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So How Does This Actually Work?

Well, it’s actually easier than you would think and the technical side of it is simple enough to understand. All you have to do is turn down the temperature of your hot tub to match your skin’s surface temperature or fall below it. Any temperature approximately 85 degrees – 95 degrees (or even lower) should achieve the desired effects. The air jets in your hot tub should keep the temperature low and the water circulating. While the sun isn’t as scary in Maine as it is in other states, when it comes out and you’re not using your hot tub you should cover it up to keep the water’s temperature low. If you follow this routine then the insulated material of your hot tub should be able to keep the water cool enough for hours.

Ready To Beat The Heat In Maine? Here Are A Few Tips!

Maine may not be one of the hottest states but summers can still get more than a little heated this far north. Now that you know the basics here are a few tips that can help you unlock your hot tub’s full potential.


Cool Down

If you plan to use your hot tub after you get home from work or after going for a jog then you should ideally cool down beforehand. It is recommended that you wait until you pulse returns to its normal pace and your body stops sweating.

Get In And Out Slowly

Don’t just venture into your hot tub and spring out of it instantly (unless there’s an emergency). Instead, you should take you time when getting in your hot tub and getting out as well. Why? A sudden change in temperature can cause lightheaded feelings, especially in young children and the elderly. Standing up too quickly can also add to this lightheaded feeling and in rare cases feelings of nausea can even be felt. Also, a sudden change in temperature can affect people with arthritis and other joint related health issues. The effects of which can range from slight discomfort to excruciating pain.

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Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important during the summertime; however, it is even more important if you plan to soak in your hot tub. Try to drink a few glasses of water of fruit juice within the hours prior to your time in the hot tub. However, alcoholic drinks should be avoided, save them for when you get out of the hot tub. Not only will alcoholic drinks dehydrate your body, they will also heat it up as well.

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