There’s nothing quite like having a swimming pool in Houston but as many of you may know, it does require a lot of work to keep the water safe and crystal clear for your family. The good news is – school’s out for the summer! The kids are home, free of assignments and fully capable of helping around the home, especially with keeping the swimming pool clean. Most kids will enjoy spending more time by the swimming pool, even if they have to clean it. At Premier Pools & Spas we have never said that maintaining a pool is a hands-off process.  This young man does it all for his parents – he cleans the tiles, checks the chlorine level, and helps them maintain this beautiful pool. We hope you enjoy the pool this sizzling summer!  Thank you to the Gerde’s family for allowing Premier Pools & Spas to make your backyard dreams come true!


If you’re hoping for a similar view this summer then here’s what you can do to get your kids involved.

Safety Is The #1 Priority

Safety is the main concern for every parent with a swimming pool in their Houston home. May kids will view a swimming pool at home as their personal playground and they’re not wrong. The swimming pool is indeed one of the best places to have fun on hot summer days. Therefore, it’s imperative that you remind them of the dangers that are associated with the swimming pool; without scaring them of course. Children will be children but this is not to say that they cannot understand how dangerous a swimming pool can be. Educate them on swimming pool safety and also ensure that your kids have undergone basic swimming lessons from a certified instructor before entrusting them with pool maintenance.

One Step At A Time


It’s important to start slowly, especially if your kids are still under the age of twelve. Let them take it one step at a time – start with simple tasks such as letting them hold the net and teaching them how to skim the surface of the swimming pool’s water to clear away bugs, leaves, or anything floating on the surface. After they are comfortable performing these tasks, you can then move on to teaching them how to use the skimmer or the vacuum to clear the sides of the pool.

Learning Never Ends In Houston

Your children will be able to handle more advanced tasks as they grow older. Most teenagers will be able to handle cleaning the swimming pool without your supervision. You can teach them about the proper calcium hardness, pH, and total alkalinity of the swimming pool in your Houston home. Once they have a full understanding of the pool’s water chemistry then you can take things a bit further by helping them understand how to handle the filters and pumps of your pool’s system. With enough practice and care on your part they’ll be able to take charge of maintaining the pool.


Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, Texas is more than willing to assist you with understanding proper pool maintenance. Give us a call today if you have any questions.

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