When you are looking at maintenance cost for your pool in Roseville, Ca. Premier Pool Service of Roseville has multiple service packages they can offer. Our pool service technicians are eager and ready to clean your swimming pool. In this article we’ll address the different service packages we offer and the low prices you will save on!

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Maintenance Cost & the Importance of Keeping Your Pool Beautiful

The first thing Premier Pool Service wants to recognize is how important pool maintenance is. Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is crucial to how your swimming pool functions. It is important to us, at Premier Pool Service, that you get to enjoy your swimming pool instead of worry about the hassle of pool maintenance. Let our professional pool service technicians take over the hassle of emptying skimmer baskets and brushing down the swimming pool.

Weekly pool maintenance includes the general day-to-day cleaning, such as brushing and vacuuming your swimming pool. The monthly service includes the bigger picture things like chemicals.

When swimming, you are introducing a variety of contaminants to your pool each time you enter the pool. This is why daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance is a must. The many methods of maintaining your pool and the size of your pool as well as the amount you use the pool is going to play into how much maintenance cost there is going to be.

The average homeowner with a pool is going to spend at least $100 a month if you are doing DIY maintenance. If you want professional services you may tack on an additional $50-$100 a month to your bill.

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Premier Pool Service, Maintenance Costs

When you sign with Premier Pool Service to keep up with your weekly, monthly, or yearly pool maintenance we offer a variety of service packages. The first package you can have is a low cost of $75 a month. This includes the minimum cleaning you can have for your swimming pool.

Although, If you’re worried about the cleanliness of your swimming pool, their are precautions that you can take. One of those options being that you can upgrade your service package for only $25 more and receive a higher quality cleaning service.

There are certain pool maintenance duties that have to be done, whether or not you’re going to higher a professional pool service company, or clean your swimming pool on your own.

There are alternative ways to cut swimming pool costs, if you’re looking for ways to upgrade in swimming pool service opportunities. Some of the ways to save with your swimming pool cost is, upgrading some of the systems in your pool. Upgrading to a eco-friendly pool pump with circulate water more efficiently, thus saving you money and not wasting so much energy.

There are also other ways to make your swimming pool more energy efficient, which makes your life easier by saving money and putting that saved money to better use, such as keeping your swimming pool clean.

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Pool Maintenance Cost Conclusion

When you are thinking about the expenses of maintaining your pool, also think about all of the time and money you are saving having your own pool. Also don’t forget about the value of the amount of enjoyment you, your family and your friends are going to get from your swimming pool. Contact Premier Pool Service- Roseville today to get a free in-home water analysis.

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