When you see this Monique lhuillier swimming pool, you expect fairies to start swarming around the yard. This beautiful lap pool makes you think of something out of a fairytale. Instead of keeping the original pool, the Monique lhuillier swimming pool is one that has been replaced from the original. The new owner wanted to have something more modern instead of the older pool that was already in place.

Monique Ihuillier swimming pool

Photo courtesy of thespruce.com

Monique lhuillier Swimming Pool & Home

Just a lovely and elegant as the beautiful Monique Ihuillier, the home is simply pale perfection. Everything is in the right place with a splash of color here and a splash of color there. It is very feminine inspired and gives you a sense of beauty and enjoyment as you look over the home.

Fashion designer Monique Ihuillier was pregnant when she saw this home and told her husband Tom Bugbee that it simply needed a coat of paint. Of course, as it goes with home improvements, there was a little more to do than a coat of paint. Even though it was a labor of love, the home turned out beautifully, and the family greatly enjoys it.

When you are looking at the Monique lhuillier swimming pool with its elegant design and beautiful spraying fountains, it is not hard to covet the pool for your own. While you may not want to pay the pretty penny that this family paid for their home and pool, you can still get something that is inspired by this Monique lhuillier swimming pool.

Your Backyard Paradise Inspired by the Monique lhuillier Swimming Pool

If you are worried that you will not be able to create a beautiful look like this without a massive amount of money, you should stop worrying now. If you speak with one of our pool professionals, let them know your budget, what you want, and how they can help you, they will be more than happy to work with you through the entire process.

The thought of taking on a project either putting in a new pool or replacing an older model pool can be stressful, but when you work with our pool experts, we make sure that you do not have to worry. If you want a pool that is inspired by the Monique lhuillier swimming pool, we can help you down to every detail that you love about it.

Monique lhuillier swimming pool

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

As you are thinking about the design of the swimming pool, you should think about who is going to be using the pool and how they are going to be using it. If you mainly want to look at the pool and only take a few dips, you may want different features than if you were going to be swimming in it every day.

Make sure to communicate with the pool expert that is working with you so they can help you create your backyard paradise with the least stress possible. Your family will enjoy this pool for years to come.

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