What’s better than Summer to indulge in the pool? There is no denying that you are eager for a chance to dive into the pool during summers. But are there must-have pool features? How can they augment your swimming experience? Read on to know more about these exciting features.

Have a Heat Source Nearby

salt water pool maintenance

Imagine swimming in your pool as the warm day slips towards twilight. What can be the problem? Well, when you decide to come out of the pool, the chilly evening air may cause you goosebumps. You can counter this problem by installing a fire pit or a fire bowl near your pool.

These pool features will keep you warm during the chilling nights. What’s more, they will even add some brownie points by improving your pool’s aesthetic. Consider setting up a seating arrangement around the heat source. This serves as a cozy place to enjoy the evening with your family and friends.

A Baja Shelf

tanning ledges

You are surely wondering why a Baja shelf is considered to be one of the must-have pool features. The answer is quite simple. The Baja shelf lets you enjoy the water without having to get your hair wet. Also known as tanning shelf or sun shelf, Baja shelf is becoming popular due to its simplistic design.

Imagine enjoying both the cool waters and the sun’s warmth simultaneously! This experience is what you can expect from a Baja shelf. You can also overcome the hassle of getting over a pool float that often topples over. Its shallow depth makes it an excellent place for your children or pets. You can make your sun shelf grand by including built-in fountains, tables, and water massage jets.

Integrated Landscaping

Do you wish to make your pool tropical and lush? Then what better way than integrated landscaping? Extend your landscape right up to the pool’s edge. Merge the pool’s water with your backyard’s growth. Create an integrated oasis by having succulents near your pool. These are evergreen, easy-to-maintain, and add a unique look to your yard. Ornamental grasses, vines, trees, drought tolerant plants are some other options you can consider.

A Water Feature

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Why should you add a water source to an already existing water content? This is necessary because the water source has the potential to solidify your backyard’s ambiance. It is common to underestimate the power of a water feature. These must-have pool features give out positive vibes and add tranquility to your yard. You can enjoy the gentle sounds of water and relax by your poolside.

Water features can be incorporated into different styles. Do you want your yard to indulge in an organic feel? Then consider having a waterfall cascading down the rocks into your pool. Are you up for something chic and modern? Consider a refined water spout surrounded by lush greenery. Water features will help to keep-off noise and bring you closer to nature.

Swimming pools have always been a backyard staple during the sunny days. They have come a long way from being used for mere swimming. Having pool features will make you relish the sunny days and enjoy your time at the pool

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