What is Mustard Algae & How Do I Remove It from my pool

What is Mustard Algae In Pools?

Mustard algae, also called yellow algae, is a type of algae that can form in swimming pools. While it is not as common as other types of algae, it can be difficult to get rid of once it forms. Mustard algae typically form in areas of the pool that are poorly circulated, such as in the corners or around steps. It is important to treat mustard algae as soon as possible, as it can spread quickly and make the pool difficult to use.

How To Get Rid Of Mustard Algae In Pool?

If you’ve ever had a pool, you know that keeping it clean can be a challenge. There are so many chemicals and debris that can end up in your pool, and it can be tough to keep on top of it all. However, one type of debris that you may not be expecting is mustard algae.

Mustard algae can be tricky to get rid of because it’s not always visible. This type of algae usually appears as a yellow or green film on the surface of your pool. While it may not look like much, mustard algae can actually be quite harmful to your pool. If left untreated, mustard algae can clog your filter and make it difficult to keep your pool clean.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to get rid of mustard algae.

Here are a few methods to counter mustard algae:

1. Clean Pool Equipment & Toys

Verify all pool toys & equipment are cleaned and sanitized with a chlorine-based cleaner.

2. Brush & Vacuum The Mustard Algae

You will need to remove as much of the mustard algae as possible. Brush the algae off the walls, steps, & all other affected areas. Once complete, vacuum all visible algae.

3. Verify Proper Chemical Levels

Test your pool water and verify all chemical levels are where they should be.

4. Shock Your Pool Water

Shock your pool using chocking agents available at your local pool supplies store.

5. Call A Pool Professional

To get it done correctly the first time we recommend hiring a certified pool professional to remove all mustard algae. Hire the nation’s top pool cleaners here.

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